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  1. E46 M3
    When I start the car all of the dash lights come on and then go off. If I press the brakes backing out of my garage all is well, but as soon as I press the brake driving forward, I hear a beep and then the ABS, DSC, TCS, and E-Brake Lights glow yellow and stay on until I turn the car off. The...
  2. E46 M3
    Ladies and gentlemen, I have recently replaced all my calipers with new rebuilt once. however there is a problem the brake pedal feels mushy. there is air somewhere in the system. my helper let the fluid levels run low. I have bled a lot of fluid in 2 bleeding sessions, probably about 3 liters a...
  3. E46 General
    Hello, I've been experiencing a very strange brake problem with my 2002 330i, Since the day I bought it with about 78k miles on it, it has gone through brake rotors faster than any car ever. When I bought it the front brake rotors were warped causing the pedal to bounce when the brakes were...
1-3 of 3 Results