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  1. FS: OE CSL E-brake w/Boot *Socal*

    For those still not keeping up… I guess today I'm going with Interior related items. Up first is OE CSL E-brake Parking Lever. Selling it with the OE CSL E-brake Boot (Black) as a set. Brand new, never installed, only opened to take pictures. Asking $180 shipped
  2. Does my intake boot need replacing?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all, Was just looking over the engine bay (no car problems that I can tell, runs nice!) but I’ve heard cracked intake boots are common so looked at mine while I was poking about. To me it looks pretty damn cracked. But like I said, no issues. Common to look like this or is it on its way out...
  3. Question about replacing my cv axle boots (front, XI)

    E46 Xi Forum
    Hi all, I see the boot on one of my axles starts looking frail, so I'd like to change it. I'll do this together with wheel bearings. Now, in this DIY: , the person says that one needs a press to get the tripod joint off!? But I don't see...
  4. Both boot interior lights stopped working one day??

    General E46 Forum
    So I bought a 320D (e46..duh) 2001 earlier this year, my first ever BMW. The last owner had replaced the interior Halogen light with blue LED's, Nice touch with the car being white in my view. However they both stopped working about a week ago, never had an issue with them till then. I've...
  5. Ignition Coil / Spark Plug Issue

    General E46 Forum
    Hello E46 Fanatics, My 2002 E46 is having an issue that I can't seem fix. After my car is warmed up after about 15 minutes or so, it starts to run rough with some minor shaking. My service engine light switches on also. At first, I figured that my spark plugs needed replaced. Maybe one was...
  6. E46 Coupe FS: Various Interior Parts! CHEAP

    Up for sale are some interior parts that i replaced in my car. They are all used and show some signs of cosmetic wear except the shifter knob and E brake boot, they look great! Good replacement for your broken interior pieces. Willing to negotiate slightly. Rear Ashtray Insert (broken sliding...
  7. SMG shift boot, SMG paddles, SMG Dome

    hi, I need to clear some space so these are for sale shift boot, 10/10 condition : $20 SMG paddles, few sets, 9/10 condition : $20pair SMG dome painted black, 10/10 condition: $30
  8. Any E46 UUC Motorweks Ultrasuede® manual transmission shift and e-brake boot

    Taken out of a '99 328I that I no longer own. The pieces are in very good condition - alacantra material. Very nice touch to the interior, wish I could use them but I own an automatic now. Asking 140 shipped from Ohio. This is the original UUC link to this product...
  9. Any E46 UUC Motorweks Ultrasuede® manual transmission shift and e-brake boot

    These are used off a '99 328i. Good condition, shipping from Ohio. Asking 140 shipped. Thanks for looking! Here is the original UUC link for these products.
  10. Car died, now won't start

    General E46 Forum
    OK, so... I'll probably get a bunch of "did you search for it?" questions, but I promise I did some due diligence up front before posting. I just couldn't find identical symptoms on the other threads. On Friday I was driving to work, I was low on gas so I went to fill up at the local station...
  11. Any E46 TX: Coupe/Vert Inner Tail Light Housings (reverse light) & Boot Handle

    OEM inner tail light housings, if I'm not mistaken they fit on both coupes and verts, 65 obo. WP_20140529_16_48_28_Pro by JaviS54, on Flickr WP_20140529_16_48_41_Pro by JaviS54, on Flickr WP_20140529_16_49_49_Pro by JaviS54, on Flickr WP_20140529_16_50_20_Pro by JaviS54, on Flickr...
  12. Help with trunk!!!

    General E46 Forum
    I had my 03 m3 sandwiched:facepalm: while at a complete stop,:banghead: between a steel truck and a SUV:censor: I am looking to upgrade the hood and trunk. I was trying to find a OEM CSL trunk but have had no success. Does anyone know a nearly perfect aftermarket solution? I also want to...
  13. Alacantara shift and e brake boots

    General E46 Forum
    I want Alcantara shift and e-brake boots for my M3 to match my alacantara wrapped steering wheel (from cobywheel). CobyWheel and bimmean both sell the boots. Is there an advantage of one over the other? The bimmian boots are a little cheaper as well. In any case I am looking at black alcantara...
  14. WTB E46 Steptronic Shifter Boot Ring

    where i can buy this part? i've searched ebay and found nothing, anyone have this part so i can buy it? or do you have any suggestion where i need to look ? the plastic frame (shifter boot ring) where the arrow pointed, my car is E46 2002, right hand drive
  15. how do I take my door, door cards, boot off?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi folks I am starting to prep my car for a full respray In a diffrent colour. So I need to take my doors boot and bonnet off. Are they fairly easy to come off? They look easy enough to un bolt I'm just worried about the wireing is their a block connector of is it hard wired? Also how do I take...
  16. Any E46 WTB shift boot BASE FRAME!!

    Miscellaneous BMW and E46 Parts
    I am looking to buy just the plastic base frame piece that the shifter boot is attached to. my car is in the midst of a manual swap so i need this piece! If you have one with an old torn boot on it that will work i just need the frame! In the bay area prefer local and quick transaction but pm me...
  17. E46 Compact boot opening when locked

    General E46 Forum
    Have had my compact a few years now but recently has been unlocking the boot and leaving it open when I lock it. Any ideas? Found that there has been a slight bit of water in the boot when I changed to facelift tail lights but have changed them back and it still seems to happen. Has anyone had...
  18. E46 Coupe boot won't open and the key lock is bust - help

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all, My boot lid has just stopped working this morning. Neither the button under the tailgate or on the key fob work. The key lock has been broken for a number of years so this won't help either. Luckily the back seats hadn't closed properly last time I folded them down, so was able to...
  19. E46 Coupe FS: OEM M Clubsport boot & Spoiler (UK)

    Selling a nice clean Clubsport boot & spoiler here in the UK, its in pristine condition & is in lovely topaz blue, one of a few colours the Clubsport was available in. This is the part on (plus the boot/trunk) Any questions? £300 ono (I have not looked into shipping to the US...
  20. Broken vacuum line?

    General E46 Forum
    So I replaced my Disa valve on Saturday, and noticed that the little elbow on the lower intake boot was starting to crack. Ordered one from the dealer and put it on last night. Unfortunately somewhere along the way I broke the smaller of the 2 vacuum lines the go to the "F" connector that plugs...