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  1. DIY: Do It Yourself
    Excuse my English, not good at writing stuff. Things you will need: 1. self etching primer(or any other primer that bond with plastic) 12$ 2. 600 grit sand paper(about 1 or 2 sheet is enough) 2$ 3. tack rag 1$ 4. Go to your local auto paint store and grab some paint that matches your car.You...
  2. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut
    Hello E46 Fanatics, Many of you know me as TommyG :hi: on here for many many years as being the top BMW Autobody Manager in New Jersey. My location has changed but my loyalty to my BMW family has not. I am the manager at Coleman AutoBody in Lawrenceville NJ. We are located right off Route 1...
  3. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut
    as some of you O.G's know i lived in jersey all my life and after an unfortunate bout with my previous employer i decided to move to the midwest. i have worked at bmw dealers for 15yrs now and the #1 goal with bmw as a whole is great customer service. over the years i have had situations with...
1-3 of 4 Results