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  1. UK E46 cosmetic upgrade project

    Chapter 1: An Introduction Hi I'm Aero. I got my 20 year-old E46 in November 2022. It was near perfect and a super smooth ride with 49k miles on the clock. The defects were a slight dent to the driver side door and the rear-right rain gutter (moulding) was detached. My plan was to slowly work on...
  2. E46 General
    So recently someone sideswiped my 2002 325ci e46 and have been wanting to fix it. It’s a coupe and the damage is on the side panel. People been suggesting to go wide body because it would just cover the damage but have had trouble finding a good wide body kit. Let me know for any suggestions on...
  3. Australia
    hi, Does anyone know where I can get my hands on an m sport body kit for my 320i. I have an Australian right hand drive 320i touring that I would like to put the nicer body kit on and I'm wondering if any companies make them or if anyone in Australia is willing to sell me one. thanks, Liam
  4. Australia
    Hey, I've got a 2002 320i E46 4dr Sedan sitting around and I'm really considering doing it up for my first car. (I'm turning 17, I'm a mechanic and looking to build up a show car type style that I will also daily drive). What are some really aggressive/sexy body kits to get in Australia or that...
  5. E46 General
    I recently had my hood fly up and hit my windshield while I was driving. I took it to a body repair shop and I was quoted $700 for a new hood and having it painted. I can't decide whether I go through them, buy a custom hood or buy OEM and vinyl wrap it. I was wondering If anyone knew any cool...
  6. E46 Convertible
    Hey, im new to the forum, im 18 and have recently bought my first car, I want to learn about the engine of my convertible 325ci, and also mod it's body a bit, im not sure what body mods look good on a convertible, any ideas?
  7. E46 XI
    Hello i want to get a m3 body kit cause i just love the look. the problem is that i find body kits but none are for a 325xi, it says it fits the E46 body code. When i click on the model i get the options for 320i 325ci 328ci 330ci. Link below Body Code 2001 more details on -...
  8. E46 General
    Hey guys looking for an aftermarket lip to fit this particular front bumper. Any ideas where I could get my hands on one?
  9. E46 General
    ok so i have a 1999 BMW 323i and i want to get new bumpers and side skirts for it. the only problem is that i dont know anywere to find nice bumpers for this moddel. they all make them for the E46 M3. is it possible to buy an E46 M3 front, rear, etc bumpers and fit them on a 1999 BMW 323i...
  10. E46 General
    I'm thinking of throwing this on my car, but like i cant find any info on it, i know i can just go and buy it on the bmw website but i just want some info on it, like is this the mtech I ?? cause' all i ever see is m tech II all over the place... heres the link...
  11. E46 General
    Nooby here i've got a 1999 uk spec sedan/saloon, which is scheduled to go in the bodyshop in a fortnight, b4 i go on holiday. i wanted to know if i can put front OR back Coupe bumpers onto the sedan. Everyone i've spoken to gives a different answers.:banghead: i'd really like to know wich parts...
1-11 of 20 Results