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bmw scanner 1.4.0
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  1. E46 General
    We took my brothers 2003 BMW 325i automatic to an indie shop a few years back and they alerted us they couldn't communicate with the transmission. Recently, we have been doing a ton of work on the car by ourselves and I have been using the BMW scanner to help get an idea of what is going on with...
  2. E46 General
    Has anyone heard or have used this program? What is needed to run it? Basic obd2 to usb? Some people i have seen use it with a icom a2, what does this actually do it connects via ethernet. Why not just get a cheap 60 dollar obd2 to usb? Perks of using either cable type? Also would this program...
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    Determination of chassis, model, engine, gearbox and complete set,BMW SCANNER 1.4.0 is a tool for scanning and diagnosing vehicles. Although BMW scanner can perform IKE / LCM / EWS. It searching of all units and reading: - identification data - odometer value - VIN and ADFG - programming info...
1-3 of 6 Results