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    I have asked and had so many different responses and I just wanna know without being called stupid this is my first car and haven't really looked into it too much. I drive a 2001 BMW 325xi
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    Hey there, I changed the oil separator, intake manifold gaskets, and a ton of vacuum lines on my 2001 BMW 325XI last week. When I tried starting it up, I was getting some misfires with a P151 code. I let it run a bit to see if there was air in the fuel system and the misfire went away shortly...
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    Looking for exhaust system schematic for 2002 325XI. The previous owner put a fart can exhaust on the car and I would like to return it to stock. However, I do not know what I need and don't need. Any and all info helps , Thanks
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    okay, I understand this will have some controversy so hear me out before you form any opinions. I just got my license this year, i have been working for quite a long time and have gained some income that i feel comfortable spending on the car (which i also bought). The reason i would like to...