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  1. E46 General
    So I have a 325xi 03 manual and my friend had me tow her car that locked up out side the house (prius 02) so we turned the wheels hooked it up but while I was towing white smoke from my engine bay (hood was off) and it came from my exhaust side not sure if it's from the exhaust or what but my...
  2. Suspension, Brakes
    So i can't upload a picture from my Iphone but I'm having trouble with this specific coilover setup from MaxSpeedingRods Coilover kit for E46 325i 2001. After the preload in the middle sits the piece that connected with the sway/link bar. I thought it was suppose to be like OEM? This piece can...
  3. E46 Convertible
    Hay! I want to change the speaker in my BMW E46 330CI convertible and need some information about the speaker. I need to know what size is the best and how much watt they need. I want to change all the speaker so some tips and tricks would be nice :P
  4. E46 General
  5. E46 General
    Hello fanatics. Problem: The last few months, my car has been very unstable when it's coasting(ranging from 250-1000 RPM). But that's not all. I am also experiencing loss in my water level, up to 0.5 Litres per week (wich is a lot i know) and also up to 1 litre of oil per month! That is not...
  6. E46 News
    http://forum.e46fanatics.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=432048&d=1326318550 In 2011, the BMW Group in the U.S. (BMW and MINI combined) sold 305,418 vehicles, up 14.9 percent compared to the 265,757 vehicles sold in 2010! "BMW Group sales momentum has been increasing all year and this new...
1-6 of 6 Results