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  1. Any BMW FS: BM53 radio unit

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    I have for sale my BM53 radio unit from my '02 E46 M3. Works fine no issues. $250 plus shipping, but prefer local to SoCal sale. Thanks!
  2. Why upgrade to BM54?

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Guys, I've been reading a lot and can't seem to get my head around this: by upgrading the radio module to BM54, what do I actually get? so far I found the following advantages: - displays mp3 tags better - has aux input Will anything else change? Will the screen look upgrade if I upgrade...
  3. Retro Satnav instalation

    General E46 Forum
  4. screen main menu

    General E46 Forum
    on my screen i have 4 options, one in each corner. computer gps-navigation set monitor off no other options, should i see the radio and CD changer here? they are both connected and working... thanks Scott