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  1. E46 halos blinking problem

    General E46 Forum
    So I have a problem with my headlights, specifically the halos, I bought my e46 325i with some wiring problems, I fixed just about everything but there is still one more problem and i'm hoping someone here could help me with a diagnosis or provide a nice diagram of the headlight wiring...
  2. Blinker gremlin

    Lighting Forum
    I have an '01 330ci. The previous owner had HID headlights and fog lights installed. Ever since I've owned the car (3yrs), I have had issues with the driver-side blinker burning out. I have replaced it 5-6 times, and that number would probably be higher if I didn't wait so long to replace it...
  3. Front passenger blinker/parking light is having some issues.

    General E46 Forum
    I have been playing around with an electrical issue with my front passesnger parkinglight/blinker. As of right now I have a bulb out indicator on my dash but the bulb as far as I can tell is still good. For the past few weeks, almost a month now I was having concetion issuses to where the clip...
  4. How to remove a E46 blinker or indicator

    *Tools Needed* Flat-Head or Philips Screwdriver. 1= Open the bonnet or the hood and locate a small opening at the top front-end of the fender closest to the blinker and headlight, 2= Insert your screw driver and rest it on the white clip you see through the hole, press down that clip while...
  5. After market front blinkers and fog lights

    General E46 Forum
    so im in the market for some cool blinkers for my 2004 m3 such as these: but those look ehh and there on ebay...
  6. F/S: E46 Facelift Coupe Clear LED Sidemarkers, Blink Amber

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Got a pair of basically brand new E46 facelift coupe LED sidemarkers. They were pulled off the car and change to smoke after only a few thousand miles so they are in mint condition. They are clear and blink amber. I'll have pictures up later tonight or tomorrow. Asking 30$ + s/h Thanks Forgot...