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black interior

  1. M3 Black Interior / Aluminum Trim * You set the price *

    I have a complete interior Black , with Aluminum Trim . The only thing not for sale is the front seats , and dash shell . For sale is all electronics , gps , dvd , speakers , sunroof ...ect Please PM me a requested list of parts , feel free to include pricing budgets or condition requirements...
  2. E46 M3 E46 m3 vert. Interior

    I Have e46 m3 vert. black interior in excellent condition for trade only Looking to trade for cinnamon or red interior.. If interested i rather you email me because i stay on my phone all day and will see it right away.. & when you do email me, email me with pics of your interior too...
  3. WTB BMW e46 330 (Central Florida/Space Coast)

    Complete Cars - Private
    Looking to buy a BMW e46 in the Central Florida/Space Coast area. A 330 Ci (or M3, if priced low enough, hah) would be my first pick but I am open to what people have to offer. I would prefer not to spend over $10k but if someone has something right around that price in real nice condition...
  4. WTB black leather sport driver seat 330ci

    just like title says, i need a black leather sport driver side seat for my 330ci, mines is toring apart, let me know what you have and price, im willing to pay for shipping. even if its dirty or not in the best shape, show me what you got, it cant be worst than mines! lol thanks guys
  5. FS: '04 M3 E46, Black Nappa Leather, Interior - Seats, Panels, Trim

    For sale is a complete interior from my personal car, a 2004 BMW M3 E46 Coupe. Black Nappa Leather. I bought another colour set and have taken mine out. The trim on the door panels is a dark gray and not in best shape in some places, see photos. I kept my brushed aluminium trim. Rear seats...
  6. 2001 325i E46 Auto Silver/Black

    Parting Out
    Hey guys, I just picked up a 2001 325i and I'm parting it out. It has 148k miles, as far as I know the engine and trans were never replaced so that mileage is good for all parts. Here's what I have and prices which are negotiable of course: Engine: Sold...
  7. WTB: 2001 330i Alpine white/black interior

    Complete Cars - Private
    titles pretty much says most of it 4 door manual preferably under 100k miles if anyone has any info of a car like this for sale please contact me i been trying to find a car like this everywhere for some time now but now luck:cry:
  8. 06 e46 m3 interior seats/door panels

    I am looking for cinnamon door panels front and rear for my 06 e46 m3 trade or cash if the price is rite I'm looking for the whole cinnamon interior mainly I'm lookin for the door panels I have a 06 e46 m3 competition package with black interior all electric and heated seats I am looking for the...