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  1. Tires, Wheels
    Let me know if this is the corrent forum for this question I own a 2001 330xi and bought 17" ASA GT5s about a year ago. They were balanced using square tire weights that attached to the inner wheel. Never seem them before onlt the wi=eights that attach to the rim of the wheel. Recently I got...
  2. California
    APEX is excited to introduce our new Performance Services division, with our first location now open in Dublin California. As with our products, we are concentrating on Street, Track, and, Race services. With our experience in complex fitments and car setup we saw an opportunity to develop...
  3. Suspension, Brakes
    Hi, Looking for some advice please - I have a 2001 330Ci with 116k miles (UK RHD) When driving at speeds from 65mph - 90mph the car shakes. It's doesn't feel like balancing as it's not felt specifically through the steering wheel and you can visibly see the nearside (Left from driver seat)...
  4. New England
    Got some new tires looking for a recommendation on where to get them mounted in the North Shore / Cape Ann area.. would prefer not paying $35 a tire or whatever Sears charges. Thanks
  5. E46 General
    I have been to the dealer yesterday and had the 4 wheel alignment done the results are below. I went because my tyres had been worn away very quickly on the inside. The rear left wheel cant get into spec so they did it as best as they could. They said that there may be a bent component but as it...
1-5 of 5 Results