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  1. Electronics
    I have a problem with my bmw e46. The backlight of my headunit, ac, power window buttons, door lock/unlock button and speedometer is not working. Only things I can see in the dark are the screens, warning lights and the hazard light button. Is there a known solution for this? Been searching for...
  2. Electronics
    Hello, I have a 1999 316i and my problem is that my backlight for instrument cluster and buttons in the center wont turn on. Had this problem before, but I changed the light control module and it fixed the problem. But now I tried a different working lcm from 1999 320d and it didn't solve the...
  3. DIY: Do It Yourself
    I thought I would try and give back to the community and make a DIY. Here is a link to my most current DIY that shows the gauge cluster back lighting replacement. It includes removing your gauge needles. http://forum.e46fanatics.com/showthread.php?t=988690&highlight= I recently posted some...
1-3 of 3 Results