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  1. :: ECS Tuning :: Back In Stock|BMW Performance Air Intake Replacement Filters

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    After a long long wait the factory fresh filter for your BMW Performance Intake on your BMW E46 is Back In STOCK!!!!!! Did you enjoy the performance boost you received when you first bolted on your BMW Performance air box? Keep that filter system operating properly by making sure that the air...
  2. :: ECS Tuning :: E46 M3 ECS 2-Piece Brake Rotors|Free Shipping|ON SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Ready for something new that'll stop you dead in your tracks??? Say hey to our ECS 2-Piece brake rotors. These great looking semi-floating rotors combine the braking efficiency of cast iron with the weight savings and rapid heat dissipation of aluminum. Lighter, two-piece construction reduces...
  3. *BIG* meet in Chino Hills.

    Last month we had about 100 people show up... let's double that! :woot: SoCal Hooligans I.E Regiment! Presents: Occupy Buffalo Wild Wings!!! Trying to helpout the Holligans I.E. with their upcoming meet Dec.13 @8pm. Let them know we sent you!! We'll see everyone out there! SoCal Hooligans...
  4. President & CEO of BMW NA is Coming to Bimmerfest 2012 Driving the All New M6 Coupe

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    President & CEO of BMW NA is Coming to Bimmerfest 2012 Driving the All New M6 Coupe Bimmerfest, the largest BMW car show in North America is host to many rare and special BMWs and...
  5. :: ECS Tuning :: E90/E91 European Bi-Xenon Headlights|Free Shipping!!!!

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    In keeping with our reputation for finding rare and desirable vehicle accessories from the European market, ECS Tuning offers these hard-to-find European bi-xenon headlight kits. Bold and attractive, direct fit Euro-spec headlights improve night driving vision while maintaining original...
  6. :: ECS Tuning :: BMW E46 330 K&N Performance Intake|PRICE DROP|It Sucks: That's Good

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    :: ECS Tuning :: BMW E46 330 K&N Performance Intake|PRICE DROP|It Sucks: That's Good If you've been holding back, waiting for a price drop on K&N, you're in luck--and out of excuses. Save 22% on a performance air intake filter system for E46 330. This is a complete install kit with hi-flow...
  7. Whats cool about your e46?

    General E46 Forum
    This is my first car and here is some of the cool stuff i have discovered in the lest six months of working on it. If you have something interesting about your e46 post it below. Here is what I have discovered... 1)There is a rechargeable flashlight in the glove compartment 2)The lights...
  8. FS: Cosmos Racing CAI - Black Tube/Ansoil Dry Filter/Hydrowrap - Fits all except M3

    Engine & Performance
    For sale is the Cosmos Racing "The BMW Intake" V2 Cold Air Intake. This item/accesories are brand new in the box. Cosmos Racing website ( list this CAI as fitting all BMW E36 and E46 6 cylinders except E46 M3. It works with HID, Xenon and Euro...
  9. 2000 323i

    Complete Cars - Private
    I'm selling my silver 2000 323i (on gray leather). it has 131xxx, 5spd, halogen lights, JVC headunit, 12" sub with small amp. Power seats, windows, mirrors, Four brand new Yokohama's installed 5/24/10. Just replaced the front wheel bearing and changed the oil last week with BMW fully...
  10. Frekin Khoalty

    General E46 Forum
    Ordered lights one week ago. Now Khoalty tells me that the lights are stuck in customs? Wow really? These lights aren't set to ship until late next week. Huuh they do have low prices though. Im angry, and bored so I thought I would tell you all. Peace.
  11. FS: 2 HK Premium Tweeters (large) CHEAP

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Just removed these from the rear interior quarter-panels (above arm rest)... had replaced all speakers and mounted new rear tweeters in custom bracket next to woofer so these were sitting in the door with no signal going to them... already sold the pair from the front door. These tweeters are...
  12. HK Premium Speakers from my 03 M3 Coupe

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Finally made the jump from stock HK Premium speakers to aftermarket speakers/amp. Take this opportunity to pick up some sweet plug-n-play upgrades to your non HK OEM system or just replace any blown speakers you may have. Up for sale: 4 x HK Premium Midbass ... $28 SHIPPED per speaker or $95...