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  1. Complete Cars
    2005 BMW 325xi, August 2004 build date WBAEU33465PF63322 118,000 miles. Cold Weather Pkg, Premium Pkg, Sport Pkg Purchased in Dec 2018 List of repairs below Located in Hartsdale NY Willing to ship but buyer must arrange. $6000 Hi all. So I've been a long time lurker of this forum (and a few...
    $6,000 USD
  2. E46 XI
    So i lowered my xi a while ago and i changed both axles because the boots ripped and had to replace the passenger side one again a bit after i had just replaced them also because of the boot. Is there a way to prevent this or do i just have to deal with it lol.
  3. E46 XI
    hey my car started doing a clunk when i turn but it doesnt do it when i fully turn and accelerate it only does it while im actually turning the wheel. Can someone help?Video
  4. E46 XI
    2001 bmw 330xi my goal is to get this awd e46 beast back to normal driving capabilities, then start doing some power. obviously you do maintenance first then pump that sucker up to 8-16psi with a turbo build;). Majority of the work load has been done by myself. i'm not anywhere near a master...
  5. E46 XI
    Hello, my fellow e46 chaps. I have been planning a build for quite some time and I think it’s finally time to start going over my plan ideas and getting input from the experienced minds from this forum. Now, before you go saying this project is dumb because money, don’t bother. This is my...
  6. E46 XI
    I have a 2005 325xi automatic and when i go from park to reverse or reverse to drive and also sometimes when letting off the gas then reapplying it i hear a clunk/thud from under the car, the rear diff bushing and subframe bushings dont look the best but when i recorded under the car it didnt...
  7. E46 XI
    To start i dont want to hear buy a rwd sell yours it doesnt work dont do it etc it does work i want to know if im missing anything because I AM going through with this. I blew my motor last week already purchased a not xi motor i am planning on welding the transfer case and know how to do that...
  8. E46 XI
    Hi all, I see the boot on one of my axles starts looking frail, so I'd like to change it. I'll do this together with wheel bearings. Now, in this DIY: https://www.rmeuropean.com/bmw-e46-a...placement.aspx , the person says that one needs a press to get the tripod joint off!? But I don't see...
  9. E46 General
    Hello all! New to the forums. Never thought I'd be making one of these posts after all these years reading various FAQs but here I am with an issue that I can't really seem to find any info on. I just bought a 2002 325xi Wagon w/ Automatic transmission with a clunk when I put the car into drive...
  10. E46 XI
    Sorry this somehow got posted a few times
  11. E46 XI
    Okay so this is a bit of a long story, but I purchased an 02' e46 325xi last year, and I have been working on converting it to electric. I also spent time removing all of the xDrive components to convert it to RWD, as the all wheel drive system required the engine to support it. I've made my...
  12. E46 XI
    Hey all, Just curious on what the mechanical differences are between the 330xi and 330i front sub-frame. Basically differences in AWD and RWD drive trains. I should say I'm looking for the physical differences in how they are mounted / put together. Thanks Guys!
  13. E46 XI
    I purchased a 2006 330xi from an auction, found out later that the previous owner has converted it to RWD!!! Is there a way to change it back?! Help please I live in Michigan and really need AWD.
  14. E46 General
    Hi everyone, I'm trying to run a set of staggered style 67 m3 wheels on my 2003 325xi wagon. I've done a lot of research already and I've gotten mixed reviews about whether it can be done with out ruining the transfer cases. So first off the wheels fits perfectly fine the car, I did about 15...
  15. E46 General
    Hello, so I had a 2001 bmw 325xi, AWD manual. I ended up buying a 2002 bmw 325i and blew the engine. The 325xi was pretty beat up and needed new suspension and body work and etc, so I took the engine out of the 325xi and put it in the 325i. This 325i is automatic and I was wondering if I could...
  16. E46 XI
    Hey Fanatics! I just picked up a 2004 330xi with a six speed manual. About 170k miles and it needs some love. I'm in West Virginia, rust is pretty bad and this car has some, rear quarters, passenger front door (believe from prior accident with a curb) and door jamb on driver's. It had a...
1-16 of 27 Results