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  1. FS: Complete Pioneer NAV Unit w/ Installation Kit RARE!!!

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    FOR SALE Pioneer F90 bt Unit W/ Installation Kit!!! $600 Pioneer F90 bt unit with all accesories: ipod cable, gps antenna, microphone, rca cables UPDATED SOFTWARE 3.0 Antenna Adaptor Wiring Harness PAC steering wheel control module A/C single button relocation bracket Double Din Bezel...
  2. FS: Pioneer Avic-N2 dvd/gps/ipod/sirius incl. $450 - CT

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Hello all, I have a Pioneer Avic-N2 SINGLE DIN flip out radio/dvd player/navigation unit with the cables and extra units needed for an install, although I'm no audio install expert. It was all taken out by a professional audio shop, and replaced with a whole new setup. So I believe everything...
  3. Fs:must look avic f-90bt with complete install kit

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    HELLO FANATICS After selling my beloved E 46 a few months ago. I am going through the closet and going to sale my avic f-90bt with updated 3.0 software. I personally installed and took it out. Unit is in flawless condition no scratches or mechanical misfuntion. I have everything you need for...
  4. Reverse Camera Install AVIC-Z110BT DD

    The Showroom
    Reverse Camera Install AVIC-Z110BT DD DOUBLE DIN Finally installed the Reverse Cam to finish up my DD install. My eBay cam actually shipped alot quicker from overseas than I expected and was WAY better quality than I expected. :thumbsup: Fit perfectly for where I wanted to mount it and the...
  5. Winter Project Double Din Pioneer AVIC-Z110BT

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Thanks to this amazing forum and lots of research I decided to finally tackle the infamous E46 Double Din Project as a Winter Project this past weekend. Broke the project down into several stages over 2 days and made the install much less stressful and actually kind of fun. :loco: Only wish I...
  6. FS: Pioneer Avic Z3 + Ipod + Bluetooth + Installation!

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    SALE POSTPONED! The guy I was leaning on for my new project bailed, so I wont be able to sell my setup until I know I have the new one. I will repost when it is back on the market! Again, sorry everyone! $$$$$$CANCELED$$$$$$$$ Up for sale: Pioneer AVIC Z3 Features Hardware: 7"...
  7. Help! 2005 330ci Stereo Upgrade FROM MarkIV

    General E46 Forum
    Hey Forum, I got some major issues: I was doing the AVIC Double DINN stereo upgrade to my 2005 330CI, just like so many have done before me... Except I HAD a OEM GPS, MarkIV and just sucked so hard I had to rip it out. Now its been 2 months. All the little side proejcts I wanted to...