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auxiliary input

  1. Cassettes don't play - Radio/CD Stacker fine

    General BMW E36 Forum
    Hi all, I have a stock cassette player with a 6 cd stacker in the boot. The radio, AM and FM, both work fine as does the cd stacker but I cannot get the cassette to play. I'm a poor full time student with little spare time and want to use the cassette player with a cassette to 3.5mm jack to...
  2. Any E46 CD53 Head Unit with Aux kit

    I'm selling a like-new CD53 Head Unit with a brand new, sealed Aux kit from ECS Tuning. Here's the link Bidding starts at $139.99. I'm happy to arrange local pickup if the buyer is in the NY/NJ area._a_ _sl__nr_
  3. Aux Input Need help!!! auxiliary input, 2005 RADIO

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, first of all, I have spent hours reading through the various aux threads to see if someone had a solution to my problem and could not find any. All of the problems people normally have with the aux is that there radio is not compatible with the aux feature in the first place. Here is a...
  4. WTB: Aux Input for My E46 m3...Anyone??

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Im sick of CDs getting scratched (:banghead:) so i thought i would ask if anyone is getting rid of theirs. If someone happens to have one sitting around please PM me.
  5. Auxialary Input and USB Charger Port in rear ashtray

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    I installed the OEM aux cable today, along with a USB port for charging in the reat ashtray of my 330xi. I wanted a clean installation and the ability to charge without an ugly cable running from the lighter. The OEM cable reaches (barely) to the ashtray. I tapped into the 12v switched...
  6. FS: BSW Auxiliary Audio Input Kit for E46

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    This item is new and unused. It's in its original box ($89.95 new) and included the interior disassembly kit ($29.99). With shipping, this would run you $131.30 at BSW. Like I said, mine is new as well but is an open box item. It's also in the original, unopened wrappers. I have to sell...