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  1. My '99 323Ci manual build thread (ongoing)

    The Showroom
    Disclaimer: First time ever posting to a forum, please forgive :thanks: Greetings from Australia! Name is Alex :) Picked up this 323Ci manual with 270k on the clock for $2000 (knocked him down on the price a little ;) ) a few months ago, decided to start a bit of a thread as I've got plenty of...
  2. E46 323i 5-speed manual. Help me decide on a direction!

    General E46 Forum
    G'day from Australia! So I recently picked up an E46 323i manual for next to nothing. I was owed a few favours from a mate, he was setting off for a round Australia trip and needed this E46 out of his driveway. I've done lots of motorbike mechanical work for him and he gave me this in exchange...
  3. FS: 2005 E46 330Cic (Located in Melbourne)

  4. Looking at parts car for my 325ci need help.

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, I'm currently in a bit of a jiff with my 325ci, it's currently got a couple of trans issues and I'm planning on swapping that out before I drive it again, also need to replace ABS Pump or module. Currently there is an auction happening a couple of days locally which has a written...
  5. E46 Coupe 330ci Manual FOR SALE in PERTH

    Complete Cars - Private
    Hi everyone im really desperate to sell my Topazblau 330ci Manual Coupe so hopefully someone reads this! Its the second cheapest for sale in Australia but noone seems to be biting. Heres the link to the carsales page...
  6. Incarmedia australia warning!!!

    Buyer/Seller Feedback Forum
    Back in May I purchased my Android Dynavin for my car. Once installed the photos on the ipod covers stopped working after 3rd plug in and first ten minutes installed. Blue tooth worked initially but then latter cut out, the unit stalled and was slow and I couldn't get connection anywhere, it was...
  7. e46 Cabrio silver trim

    Good condition. Lets say 220. Steering wheel controls snapped but I could likely just take the silver wheel part off. Gear stick is patchy black leather, I'd go get silver trim knob would look sweet. :shhh: It's RHD I'm in Perth, Western Australia.
  8. FS: Original BMW Window Regulator E46 sedan, Driver's Side

    Hey you Aussie E46Fanatics, (Australia ONLY) Up for sale I have a Brand New Original BMW Window Regulator (without motor) Which fits E46 Sedan models (1999-2006) Item: Original BMW Window Regulator (without motor) Driver's Side. Still in its OEM wrapping, never used. BRAND NEW Location...
  9. * SUB-FRAME PROBLEM * Australia!

    General E46 Forum
    Guys, I own a 1999 323ci and it now joins many others with a torn subframe mounting. BMW will NOT claim liability, which is absurd, the evidence is overwhelming. I can not afford to pay $6000 - $8000 AU to repair this problem. I would like as many of you as possible to comment on this wall...
  10. Question about updating GPS Maps for Aus

    Hi folks, I have a splendid little 330ci, 2001, but the GPS CD is from 2000, hence I find myself driving through (on the screen) farm land and countryside where there are actually houses and made roads now. Obviously I need to update the maps but going to BMW would seem counter intelligent from...
  11. P-Platers Face New Power Restriction Law?

    Hi guys, im new to the forums. I read this interesting article some 3 weeks ago and was wondering if anybody has any new information on it. Will it pass through or not? Basically the WA Govt. is trying to enforce a certain power-to-weight ratio on p platers' which to me sounds :ben: LINK...
  12. FS: (AUSTRALIA) 2005 E46 M3 Convertible, super low kms, super good price

    Complete Cars - Private
    Hi again, had this up a few months ago and got some interest so giving it another go. Still has super low kms, now has new tyres less than 1000kms old. Have dropped the price significantly, so its an even better deal than it was then! Details here...
  13. Apple bites Australia for profit!!!

    January 27, 2010 - 12:58AM Apple announces a record quarterly profit - but how much of that comes from ripping off Australian iTunes customers? IT gadget company Apple singled out the Australian market for an honourable mention (earlier report) while announcing its record quarterly profit of...
  14. For Sale: 2005 E46 M3 Convertible / mega low kms / SA

    hi all, long time lurker, first time poster... the time has come to part with this fantastic car, its listed on ebay, carsales and in unique cars magazine but heres the details: Pristine M3 Convertible, BRAND NEW TYRES // ULTRA LOW KMS // URGENT SALE MAKE AN OFFER UPDATE - Just fitted a full...
  15. Need subframe help, melbourne

    Hey guys Was rotating the tires on my car yesterday, so i thought i'd check my subframe out while i was there. I half expected it anyway, given that my car is a 2000 model, but i was hoping the sedan would be less affected or whatnot. Anyway, turns out i have a decent sized crack on my...
  16. Aussie e46 320I exec and my 97 teg pics

    The Showroom
    Hey here's a few pics of my two cars, have only had the e46 for a few months and loving it...but it deffiantly needs rims and drop, had the 97 teg for 1.5 years...wish I lived in the USA cars are soo cheap over their =(((
  17. New and first Regional Sponsor: Euro-division

    Hi, just giving you guys the heads up that we're a new regional sponsor, which is also the first for the Australia forums. We specialize in e46 accessories and hope to expand our product category over time. With a high dollar rate now, we hope to present you with good deals, at least competitive...