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  1. Electronics
    I have a weird occurrence that might be in my own head but I swear its happening. I have a mix of aftermarket and stock audio components in my car. An aftermarket android HU, aftermarket midbass speakers,sub/amp with a stock factory alpine amp(replaced the bad. Stock BMW hi-fi amp) ,stock...
  2. E46 General
    The front right speakers in my e46 compact aren't working since I bought it. Setting the audio to only play from the front-right speakers on the business head unit results in total quietness, even at max volume (on some threads I've read about this problem people reported hearing it quietly, or...
  3. Electronics
    I have an iphone paired with the ULF.I am able to make the call with the button on the steering wheel and also go through the phone book on board..But the problem is I cannot hear anything in the spekers.the sound just comes in my phone.When someone calls the audio doesn't come through...
1-3 of 3 Results