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  1. BMW E46 Pre 2002/09 Navi 16:9 BM54 Adding Aux

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, I've read a lot of threads but still doesn't found clear answer. I'd like to add AUX input to my car. My car is E46 2001/9 (after lift). Navigation 16:9 / 6cd changer / Harman Kardon version. I have BM54 tuner in trunk. My navigation have updated software to 63? version. 1. Checked...
  2. e46 Sedan Replace HK system

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hello, I am new to this forum and I am looking for some advice on my thoughts on what I want to do with my audio system. Background about me, I have always owned a BMW; my first car was a 1997 318ti, then a 1999 328i, and now I am on my second 1999 328i sedan. My 1999 e46 is in great condition...
  3. Infinity rear deck speaker upgrade

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys I just got infinity reference 6502ix speakers today in the mail and I have no idea how to set them up in the rear deck. Please help I need it
  4. Line level and speaker wiring question

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hi everyone! About a year ago got myself an amp and Focal IS series speakers wires, etc... but they are just laying around because i can not put myself together to start installing them :) I want to DIY, but not really sure about how to lay all wires around. I believe this is DYI basics so...
  5. Eonon D5150z Install, No Sound!

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hey guys, I received the D5150z last week and when I installed it everything works well except that there is no sound. This is, of course, a problem since it's a stereo. I've been researching all week and thought I had it narrowed down to the "blue wire" issue. I spliced the "SW1" (blue/white)...
  6. Could I get some advice on which car to buy, and how to upgrade my stereo?

    E90, E91, E92 & E93 - General Forum
    Hello all, this Is my first post and I'm interested in being the proud new owner of a BMW. the car listed here I was also looking at this model that has all wheel drive...
  7. my 323i overhaul/install. pics.

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Over the summer I did a complete revamp of the crappy stock system (non-HK) in my 323i. At first i was really hesitant to start in on a project as epically more complex than the speakers I've dropped into perfect fit openings and the amplified head units that I've installed without any...