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  1. AUC sensor error - 32 short circuit to ground

    General E46 Forum
    I need help troubleshooting my automatic air recirculated control sensor in my '05 330i. I'm getting this error: 32 AUC heating Error Frequency: 10 Short circuit to ground Error present Error code: 20 42 0A 51 34 A8 08 11 03 6F When I clear the code, it comes back immediately. When I unplug...
  2. No interior airflow; blower, fsr, auc checked.

    General E46 Forum
    I'm a new member, DIY'er and first-time poster. I have a 2004 325i sedan. Last week on a hot day, I heard a faint whine from what seemed like the blower. The sound was high, centered and deep in the dash, but a low-pitch whine, worse at higher blower speeds. I suspected bearings would be...
  3. Fanatics in the AUC?

    Sooo, earlier in the school year I saw a pre facelift e46 running around campus with a e46fanatics sticker on the drivers side rear window... Send me a message! :woot: