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  1. Interior
    Looking to get $50 shipped obo.
  2. E46 General
    The soft touch feature of my ashtray has stopped working. The door opens and closes but not with the gentle spring action it had. I removed the door but wasn't able to tell if there was a broken part, or if the spring has come loose. Has anyone had the same problem? Thx.
  3. Lighting
    I've relocated my A/C head unit in a new relocation console unit and now find the old ashtray is too wide to fit because in the new unit there's an led bulb. How do you remove the bulb, it seems stubborn, fingers are too big and tweezers haven't worked yet?
  4. DIY: Do It Yourself
    I looking around the other night and i came across what was claimed to be an OEM part that goes in place of the sunglass bin, and the ashtray. It was just a flat peice, and they had cut it to where their 7" navigation would fit behind it seemlessly. I have looked and looked and looked, google...
  5. Electronics
    I was bored this week! Got to do something to keep busy so I did this. XM Radio in the ashtray has the same display color as the car, plug into the radio auxiliary input, controlled by remote, lid still closes! Here are the pics for those who find it interesting!
1-5 of 5 Results