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  1. Europe
    Hi everyone! I've just bought a BMW 320i sedan from 2001 and I couldn't love the car more! But there is one thing that kind of bothers me, no armrest (AND NO CUP HOLDERS). I can not find anyone who has the same configuration as me and so I think I need som help from the people who know their...
  2. E90, E91, E92 & E93 - General Forum
    I looked everywhere for info on replacing the messed up material on my wife’s 2011 328i M-Sport. Nothing came up, so I braved it alone. By myself. In the dark. On a moonless, rainy night. A few things to note; 1- After breaking my index finger on my right hand, I decided to break my index...
  3. Interior
    I am looking to buy a center armrest in black leather. I am looking for one in good condition. Thanks FOUND ONE
  4. Interior
    Original BMW part #51168229236 Hellbeige Montana leather armrest lid in used condition. Please look carefully at the photos. $75 via Paypal includes shipping to the continental US or to Canada.
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    getBMWparts.com | NEW Genuine BMW M Performance Alcantara & Carbon Fiber Armrest!! Genuine BMW M Performance Armrest in Alcantara. Slides forward to reveal Carbon Fiber rear shelf. Fits all F3x 3 and 4 Series vehicles (including F36 Gran Coupe). Shop BMW F3x 3 and 4 Series M Performance...
  6. Interior
    Looking for just this part in obviously grey. I don't think there is a part number (if there is one, can someone please show me), so hopefully someone can help me out! It just pops off from the front. Thanks!
  7. Interior
    E46 M3 and Coupe Matt Chrome Rear Armrests (Aluminum Look) Left & Right rear armrests in "matt chrome". It's a satin, almost brushed, aluminum finish. These are both sides and are BRAND NEW and still in the BMW boxes. BMW part numbers 51438257962 and 51438257961. Should fit all E46 coupes - M3...
  8. Interior
    So, cleaning my garage the other day and found a passenger door armrest I paid at the dealer for $600.00.It was for my 2005 M3 competition package that i sold shortly after.I have it listed on eBay.Here is the link...
  9. Interior
    Looking for non-cracked myrtle trim for arm rest on driver door; grey interior - 2003 Coupe. Thanks.
  10. Interior
    This is for the rear armrest for coupes. It was an extra laying around. $12 shipped.
  11. General E46 Forum
    As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, there are a few things wrong with my car, that while they don't really affect performance I just want to get them taken care of anyway. One of these problems is the middle rear seat/arm rest appears to be broken in someway. When folded down you can...
  12. Interior
    150 shipped armrest is in perfect condition. plastic pieces and console are going to need a bit cleaning up. console shows wear, but saw a DIY where you can get these things looking like new. Also have a mirror switch brand new for 30 shipped Im looking for passenger side C pillar, black.
  13. Interior
    FS: Gray Center Console (CHEAP) Hey guys, selling my center console & armrest. I was planning on Carbon Fiber Wrapping these, but lost interest in it. ARMREST SOLD! PRICE REDUCED: $50 for everything else Pickups are welcome or will ship at buyers expense. I'd say they are 7.5/10 in...
  14. Interior
    Black Nappa Leather Armrests Insert for an E46. Pulled form am 2006 M3 when new for Alcantara inserts. Front Pair - SOLD Slight Scratch in one Armrest (see 3rd Pic) Rear Pair - $100 Shipped CONUS
  15. Interior
    Looking for a black center console without the armrest. PM if you've got one.
  16. DIY: Do It Yourself
    hey guys, my first diy, so cut me a break! :thumbsup: As always, i am in no way responsible for anything that happens to your car if you follow these steps, to your own car. :read: 1. Start in the back seat. Open the armrest. 2. Pull the leather sheet down 3. Pull out the black foam...