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  1. Any E46 FS: Hellbeige Montana Leather Front Armrest Lid

    Original BMW part #51168229236 Hellbeige Montana leather armrest lid in used condition. Please look carefully at the photos. $75 via Paypal includes shipping to the continental US or to Canada.
  2. Any E46 FS: Random Interior Parts - Shift Knob, Floor Mats, Switch Panel, etc.

    I've got a few extra interior pieces that I'd like to get out of my closet space. Most of this stuff is from my '02 330Ci that I've removed as I've done a few interior upgrades. Not really attached to this stuff, just want to see it gone at a reasonable price. Buyer pays shipping cost from...
  3. | NEW Genuine BMW M Performance Alcantara & Carbon Fiber Armrest!!

    Site Sponsors News, Sales and Group Buys | NEW Genuine BMW M Performance Alcantara & Carbon Fiber Armrest!! Genuine BMW M Performance Armrest in Alcantara. Slides forward to reveal Carbon Fiber rear shelf. Fits all F3x 3 and 4 Series vehicles (including F36 Gran Coupe). Shop BMW F3x 3 and 4 Series M Performance...
  4. Any E46 Black leather armrest

    Sold my last M3 so trying to sell the stock parts which I have no use for. For sale is Genuine BMW Black leather armrest, very good condition. No Rips or scratches. Price is $80 + $10 Shipping Thanks for reading
  5. DIY - Wrap leather arm pads on door handles

    General E46 Forum
    Today I re-wrapped the pads on the front and rear door handles. I went on eBay and found a scrap of Grey leather (it was really inexpensive). Turns out it was an exact color match for the BMW leather. So I made a couple of items for the car, but with the leftovers I decided to replace the...
  6. Loose Armrest? Weird rattle at low RPM's

    General E46 Forum
    I've had this problem ever since I bought the car back in Feb. When ever I accelerate from a dead stop at very low rpm my armrest or something in that associated area will rattle then stop once I'm at like 3-4k RPM. It's interior because I can feel the rattle on my arm rest apparatus, I just...
  7. WTB: Driver Arm Rest Myrtle Trim

    Looking for non-cracked myrtle trim for arm rest on driver door; grey interior - 2003 Coupe. Thanks.
  8. sub connection and placement

    General E46 Forum
    I was just wondering if there is any way to connect an aftermarket sub to the standard factory audio system, only a small sub because i just find the car lacks a rumble in the stereo area, i was thinking of putting it where the ski hatch is in my coupe, is this possible and feasible? like...
  9. WTB: Black Center Console And Arm Rest!!

    I'm looking for a black center console with the arm rest for a sedan. I am willing to pick up if around NJ or shipped to 07105
  10. WTB: Pass door interior trim handle/arm rest piece.

    Hey all, I need the door trim handle piece in grey for my 04 M3. This is the piece that connects to the arm rest on the door. Must be mint... mine is peeling. Will consider black if you have the matching piece for the drivers side. THANKS!