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antenna amplifier
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  1. Electronics
    2004 325i. I purchased an Android head unit and everything is peachy except the radio reception. I've read many great posts here but I'm still an idiot. I am going to clean the contacts on the amp behind the C pillar, but the dealer i bought this from replied to me that I need to be sure the...
  2. E46 Touring
    Oops. After finally popping the rear tailgate window with the manual release, I went on to remove the glass hatch. And that is where my clumsiness struck, I damaged the most rightern connector to a point of no repair. In the picture you will see the most rightern connector how it is supposed to...
  3. Electronics
    The car is a totally stock 2004 325Ci with no visible antenna. It's just a basic BMW - no navigation and the radio is your basic AM/FM/CD unit. A while back, radio reception for both AM and FM became absolutely horrible - very scratchy/static laden, as if there was a bad antenna connection...
1-3 of 3 Results