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  1. Aftermarket headlights on a factory xenon 330ci

    Lighting Forum
    I got into an accident a little while back and destroyed one of my factory bi-xenons and i don't want to spend that much money on a headlight. I was looking at spyder angel eyes but dont know if they will work or how to make them work. Will they just plug and play on a factory xenon car? I have...
  2. How to keep angel eyes ON upon unlock (and only shut off upon lock)

    Lighting Forum
    Hey guys! So I've been searching the forum for a while and but haven't found what I'm looking for. I will will getting some angel eyes soon I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions to accomplish what I'm trying to do. I want the AEs to fade on once the car is unlocked. I've seen a lot of...
  3. DIY HELP: Angel Eyes On Halogen Headlights

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, new to the forum; i have a 2005 325xi with oe halogen headlights. I want to fit it with 6000k White Light Angel Eyes. How do i go about doing that? Every DIY guide I've read on this page explains how to do it with the xenon projectors, so how do i go about doing it on my headlights...
  4. E46 2001 Coupe Oem Halogen Swap For Oem Xenon

    Lighting Forum
    Hi Guys, I have spent hours reading the forum in regards to headlight upgrades. Ive read there might be some issues with coding... Is this correct My car currently as compleatly standard halogen headlights (pre-facelift) and i'm looking for a upgrade - rather than buying a hid kit and angel...
  5. Quick Angel Eye Question

    Lighting Forum
    So I installed my LED Khoalty angel eyes about 8 months ago and every thing has been working perfect. Just had a quick question. If I wanted to unplug them under the hood or unplug one on each side would that cause any sort of an electrical problem if the wires were still spliced into the...
  6. Questions about wiring angel eye kit

    General E46 Forum
    I'm a little confused about how to approach this, so hopefully someone here has some helpful information. I know with the remote feature for angel eye kits, they'll turn on and off when the car is unlocked or locked, respectively. Is there any way to have that remote feature but still have it...
  7. Help on Angel Eye Headlights urgent !!!

    Lighting Forum
    Hi im new to this but i have a E46 BMW 330i Sedan and want to get a pair of new angel eye headlights i dont want to get the clip on ones though i just want the full headlight and the corner turning signals i was looking at these...
  8. Angel eyes in stock xenon?

    Lighting Forum
    So I have stock xenon headlights in my 04 330i and wanted to get angel eyes but wasn't sure if I could just go ahead and install them or if I should do something else first like an HID kit? I know that if you have halogen you should do the retrofit to xenon so i kinda assumed I'm just good to...
  9. wiring the angel eyes

    Lighting Forum
    sup guys, first thread so i ordered a set of angel eyes for my beamer, and i was wondering how to wire them. i've been doing research but haven't really come up with a definitive answer. so is there any way i can wire the angel eyes so they come on when the daytime running lights come on...
  10. No Radio, just Static.. Help!

    General E46 Forum
    Hello all, This is actually my first time posting on the forum; although I am constantly reading threads on here daily during my free time. :thumbup: After months of facing the fact that I have no radio, I have finally decided to turn to you guys for help. I have searched everywhere on the...
  11. AutoTecknic SMD LED angel eyes

    Lighting Forum
    hey folks, has anyone here had any experience with the AutoTecknic 66 LED Angel Eyes Halo Kit> its for prefacelift coupes and sedans, looks pretty legit and not too expensive for 66 LEDs-thinking about popping these onto my 02 m3 coupe if you've had any issues, please postem! if not, hell yeah...
  12. FS: led angel eyes

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    i've had these for a little while now and just recently installed them. i had them on for maybe a week, not really feelin how they look. they are 6000k xenon white. everything works and will include 4 angel eyes, all wires needed, clips, and wire tap. originally purchased from modbargains for...
  13. Where or how to run wires to a toggle switch???

    General E46 Forum
    Ok, so I have searched and searched and found nothing about this. I am looking for a diy or a way to run a wire to the inside of the car to have a toggle swith for my angel eyes. Ive looked and loooked and I cant find sh*$#. Anyone know where to run a wire from the engine bay to the cockpit??:ben:
  14. Umnitza angel eyes wiring...

    Lighting Forum
    Hi there :hi: i have angel eyes already installed that replace the DRLs and i'm really happy with the way it works... however, now i want them to turn on when i lock the car and fade out exactly the same as the way the interior lights fade... i found the kit to do this, and the instructions...
  15. gettin new headlights . angel or halo ?

    General E46 Forum
    hey guys . jus wondering whats the difference between angel headlights and halo headlights . im lookin to get some new headlights for my e46 . any suggestions ?
  16. In your opinion, how would amber angel eyes

    Lighting Forum
    i am planning on getting angel eyes sometime in may :craig: how would Amber angel eyes from umnitza look on my Light Yellow Metallic e46?? I think it would go good with my car. just looking for some opinions and feedback.
  17. WTB: P46's for a pre-facelift coupe

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Hey guys, I want a set of some P46's for my pre-facelift coupe. Black trim (or smoked?), HID kit, and angel eyes all in one is basically what I'm looking for
  18. Angel Eye Installer in Riverside California

    General E46 Forum
    Very Good, Professional Angel Eye Installer. Name: Maruan Karim Email: [email protected] Give Him An Email and He Will Give You His Number <a href="" target="_blank"><img...
  19. Gen V DDE Nose

    Gen V DDE Nose

    Blurry Gen V angel eyes
  20. Gen V DDE

    Gen V DDE

    Extreme Gen V close up