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angel eyes wires

  1. Angel eyes wired to interior lights

    Lighting Forum
    I recently wired my angel eyes up to the accessory wire in the ecu, but I want to wire the second signal wire on my harness to the interior lights so my angel eyes will fade on when I unlock the car. I have a 1999 323i sedan without footwell lights, so I'm not sure which wire in the fuse box to...
  2. Angel eye halo projector headlight assembly install

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    I need help on installing my pre assembled angel eye halo projector headlights. I will post picks but first I believe i connected everything correctly but there are these red and black wires coming from the light that I don't know where it goes. If anyone is good in electrical or just know how...
  3. Different angel eyes not working! :(

    Lighting Forum
    Hi, well i just sign in because i always read and do research before ask, il go straight to the thing. I just bought some led angel eyes they come in a black box and are for e46 or any bmw, they dont come with a manual or something, i see te wiring is exactly the same as almost all angel eyes...