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  1. Umnitza Angel Eye Alignment Issue

    Lighting Forum
    Hey guys, just fitted Umnitza's Angel Eyes to the 325, got an issue though. If you take a look at the pictures, I've got the passenger side done perfectly - you cannot see the halo top bracket at all, and it's pointing completely straight. The driver's side is a different story though, it's...
  2. Bi-Xenon Angel Eye Headlights

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Bought these headlights a little over a year ago, but didn't have the chance to install them. Unfortunately had to get rid of the car. Still in original boxes, so brand new. See attached pictures. Asking $400 + shipping costs.
  3. WTB Angel Eye kit

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Looking to buy an Angel Eye kit for a prefacelift coupe. Must include wiring harness. Name your price, and willing to pay shipping. Located in BC V0H 1N1.
  4. Ignition and indoor lights fuses location

    Lighting Forum
    I installed some multi collor angel eyes on e46 320d non projector,and hooked up everything and it all worked fine....except i had to turn them on outside by remote.... And to change that i bought relay for angel eyes for dimming and fade on/off effect,and to automatically turn them on and off...
  5. RGB Angel Eyes or 6k White?

    Lighting Forum
    I am about to buy a set of angel eyes for my car and don't know if I should get RGB (multi-color) or 6k white. The RGB are going to be either the bimian auto ones or a set off ebay, and the 6k whites would be the switchback (flash orange when turn signal is on) led ones from I have...
  6. Umnitza Angel Eyes

    Lighting Forum
    I was a proud owner of Umnitza's Multi Colored Angel eyes. Not so much anymore. I purchased these about a year and a half ago, and have had problems ever since. As these are not my first set ( previously an owner of Khoalty) and have not had any of these problems i will list. 1st Problem: The...
  7. Quick Angel Eye Question

    Lighting Forum
    So I installed my LED Khoalty angel eyes about 8 months ago and every thing has been working perfect. Just had a quick question. If I wanted to unplug them under the hood or unplug one on each side would that cause any sort of an electrical problem if the wires were still spliced into the...
  8. Angel eye headlights?

    Lighting Forum
    Anyone know where I can get a nice pair of Angel Eye Headlights for my 1999 BMW 323i for a reason price?
  9. Help on Angel Eye Headlights urgent !!!

    Lighting Forum
    Hi im new to this but i have a E46 BMW 330i Sedan and want to get a pair of new angel eye headlights i dont want to get the clip on ones though i just want the full headlight and the corner turning signals i was looking at these...
  10. Looking for a little help to install "angel eye" headlights

    Lighting Forum
    I'm considering installing "angel eye" style headlights but have no idea where to start. I ran a basic google search for a little information but all I got was a whole bunch of abbreviations and unfamiliar words. Any help/links are greatly appreciated! EDIT: I now see that there are multiple...
  11. FT 5 Style 73 w/ tires Multicolor AE

    Wheels and Tires
    Want to trade rims and Multicolor angel eyes. for some decent rims. 2 rims have some curb rash (stupid girlfriend ) and 3 do not. Umnitza Multicolor angel eyes also included. 2 of the tires are dunlop sportmaxx tt 93 Y and others are conticontact z rated. and the spare is a continental touring...
  12. angel eyes kit

    General E46 Forum
    looking to buy some angel eyes any for sale by u guys now?? or which kit do you recommend?
  13. Angel eye is demon eye?

    Lighting Forum
    Hey guys! I've done some searching on the forums and have been wondering, the hell is demon eye? Is it just a cool new name for angel eye?? I'm confused! HELP!
  14. Angel eyes brighter than headlights

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2003 325i and I just recently put in orion v2 6000k angel eyes, but my angel eyes are a lot brighter than my stock headlights. I want to change the bulb and I was thinking of changing it to HID Xenon bulbs 6000k so the brightness of the angel eyes and the headlights would match. I'm not...
  15. Where are you guys mounting your angel eye resistors?

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Dear e46fanatics, I ordered a two sets of Orion V2's from Umnitza, one for me and one for my brother but after installing them in the headlights of my brother's car and routing the black/red wires to the rear of the headlight through the rubber boot, the resistor pack (the white box) has no...
  16. angel eye wiring asap HELP!!

    Hey all. I have a 99 e46 318i. Just fit my angel eyes in. fixed the relay in (grounded etc.) I did the test and they work like a charm. only problem is i need to know what wire to clamp the main trigger wire onto. The guide says its the red wire with the yellow tracers I cannot find this wire...
  17. Disconnecting Halo's/Angel Eyes

    General E46 Forum
    Ok, I have a question, how do I disconnect a set of Umnitza Predator Chromium CCFL Angel Eyes? I bought the car with them on and it's been about two years and the one side went out. So instead of worrying if there is some short or fire hazard or anything like that, what is the quickest/easiest...
  18. Angel eyes, yes, again...

    hi guys! its my first post since joining bcoz works been flat out! no time to even scratch myself...anyway, ive got a 2000 BMW E46 4DR Sedan and want to put in some angel eye headlights, but i want to keep my halogen globes, since ive got M-Tech Cosmos Blue low beams and im very happy with em...
  19. Angel Eye Inverter Swap Problem

    Lighting Forum
    Hi All, My the inverter that came with my wiring harness for my angel eyes went (3 months after I bought it) and I have been sent a replacement inverter from the supplier. The problem is that the new inverter the supplier sent me is different then the one that came in the kit. I tried to wire...
  20. Halo power connection issue. Please help

    E90, E91, E92 & E93 - General Forum
    I know that this is in the wrong forum but the members are more knowlegable over here; its my best chance to get a good answer. I am trying to swap headlights from an 07 X3 into an 06 X3 to get the angel eyes. The only problem is that the 06 X3 has no connection to power the angel eyes of the...