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  1. Car Won't START

    General E46 Forum
    hey everyone... ran into a bit of a problem... ummm the cars not starting -_- was wondering what the problem might be? so ive noticed the car having a hard time starting for about a month or so but it wasnt anything soo dramatic that it caught my attention right off the bat but few days back i...
  2. Three Amps / audio upgrade

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    am planning out my audio upgrade to my sedan with HK -- question regarding amps.. am planning on running three amps: -1x 1200w 2 ch amp to power two 10" subs (rms 300 watts per sub) -1x 2 ch amp to power front component speakers (rms ~100 watts per channel) -1x stock tiny HK amp to power rear...
  3. FS Alpine Type X Sub and Amps

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    I am Located in Worcester MA Prices are firm unless bought in a package- PM me for shipping quotes alpine swx-1243d type x 12" subwoofer- $200 brand new in box NOT refurbished alpine pdx 1.1000 stackable mono digital amp 1000watts rms- $390 brand new in box NOT refurbished alpine pdx 4.150...
  4. what speakers and amp should i get?

    General E46 Forum
    hey guys im new to all this stuff because this is my first car that i bought. i want to buy myself a Boston Acoustics' SPG555-4 subwoofer. these are the specs race track shape 4-ohm subwoofer polypropylene woofer cone with foam surround RadialVent cooling for increased power handling RVC™...