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  1. Electronics
    Hi all. I have the BM54 radio amp. Noticed that i'm not getting any sound out of the passenger side rear speakers (but am getting it everywhere else). Having tested the speakers are OK, and the wiring is OK then it must be the BM54 amp that has become faulty on that circuit. bearing in mind...
  2. Electronics
    I have a CAD file for this piece. Although a little hard to believe it is a Amp rack. I really want this piece made of aluminum but willing to settle for other metals like maybe stainless steel. Do you know a place where this piece could be done. It is aprox 3ft long. As for thickness I would...
  3. Electronics
    I just finished installing a MTX Audio TC3001 Amp rated at 300W RMS (http://www.mtxaudio.com/caraudio/products/amplifiers/TC3001.cfm) .... and two 10" Pioneer subs at 500W peak each with 250W RMS.... and i see some difference in my bass but not as much as i thought i would. could it be that i...
21-23 of 23 Results