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  1. speaker issues

    General E46 Forum
    About a month ago my speakers suddenly got really muffled and distant sounding, and I realized that all the tweeters had stopped working. I have the non-HK sound system. I also noticed that whenever I open/move the front drivers side door, there is a crackling noise coming from all the tweeters...
  2. Amp for factory Hi-Fi speakers?

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hi guys, I replaced my OEM navi/stereo with Erisin chinese aftermarket stereo navigation. I left my factory speakers (Hi-Fi system) but my factory amp is out of the game now. Can I use some adaptor to connect my factory amp? Or better to buy aftermarket amp? What is better solution for the...
  3. **Speaker Trouble** please help!

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Okay so I literally have no idea what happened to my speakers so any help or suggestions would be incredibly helpful. So a long time ago I installed an aftermarket kenwood stereo in my e46, it was really simple and worked great. Then a while after that, I decided to install 2 subwoofers and an...
  4. iPhone 6 plus into dash with Soundmanca slide kit

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I want install iPhone 6 plus into dash with Soundmanca slide kit to replace my factory stereo in BMW E46. I was considering all options around. 1. I thought about holder and BT adapter, but my BMW Professional (EU) pixels are dying and it's impossible to find new display for this particular...
  5. Amp to replace factory HK amp in the same place

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hi, I'm thinking on updating current HK setup in my touring. I don't have money for hi end, but need something much nicer than HK - I was totally disappointed with its sound quality. The other requyerment is not to lose factory look until it's completely necessary for my needs. As for now I...
  6. Stereo Upgrade

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hello, I bought a 1999 328i last week but I want to upgrade the stereo so I can use Bluetooth and aux and all that. Also the volume control on the current radio is messed up. The dial will increase the volume no matter which way you turn it. Only sometimes will it decrease. Anyways I went to...
  7. FS: JL Audio J2 1000.1 $250

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    For sale I have a lightly used JL Audio J2 1000.1 amp. I have had it powering two 10 inch subs in my old system. some light scratches on the amp, but just normal wear, completely functional. $225 OBO
  8. headunit powering speakers?

    General E46 Forum
    Hello all, First I want to say I HAVE NO EXPERIENCE WITH CAR AUDIO/ELECTRONICS. I have a 2005 325i without navigation and without HK. I finally figured out which wire does what for the god forsaken factory amp connector:banghead:. Lets say if I want my aftermarket headunit to power the front...
  9. Factory HK amp replacement - have to reprogram?

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    edit: The problem seems to have resolved itself on it's own somehow. The second time I started my car, the radio came on and it's been working all day since. Kind of wondering why that happened but as long as it's working, I'm ok with that. My radio started to cut in and out and sometimes the...
  10. 2002 Bmw 330i Water Damage in trunk HELP!

    General E46 Forum
    Hello! I just got my first bmw a couple months ago and when I got it I was aware that the audio did not work... I have now come to realize it is due to water damage on the amp... Somehow there was damage to the weather lining of the trunk, well more the metal underneath, still don't know if I...
  11. Help w/ Dynavin clone and aftermarket amp + speaker install

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hey guys, Long time reader, first time poster on e46fan. I've researched a fair bit prior to installing mat dynavin clone and amp + speaker set up, yes that includes the 100+ page thread about dynavin but I'm still having a few issues. (Sorry if this has been mentioned somewhere but I haven't...
  12. hk amp upgrade possible? any information appreciated!!

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    ok after searching and searching i cant find a clear answer or solution to my question. i want to upgrade the door and deck speakers in my 330ci with nav and hk. after reading i understand that the stock hk amp isn't powerful enough to push the new speakers i'd install. SO.. is it possible to...
  13. Questions about aftermarket subwoofer/amp

    General E46 Forum
    I have an '02 330Ci Dinan3 with the HK stereo system. I've never been happy with the sound quality overall, but I've never been able to justify spending thousands to replace the whole system. Now the subwoofer has gone bad (I assume it's the sub's amp that is shot). Anyway, I have a 10"...
  14. New amp suggestions?

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hey all, I've had this subwoofer set up in my previous car, and it didn't sound too good, so i need your opinion on what i should power it with. it is a Kicker 10" L3 solo-baric, here are the specs below: 10" subwoofer with dual 2-ohm voice coils square SoloKon™ polypropylene cone with...
  15. Help!!!!! No sound from my speakers radio still works

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    My speakers don't sound at all my radio is working it shows the radio stations turns on and everything. I been trying to read post on here about the same problem and I already checked my fuses I try disconnecting the battery and leave it for 15 mins and disconnected the amp and waited 1 minute...
  16. Fitting an aftermarket amp to an HK coupe - questions

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hi guys, Just a few things I need to find out. I'm going to get my hands on a 6 channel amp, all being well, and will get a Technic HK to aftermarket amp harness. I've been doing a lot of reading on speaker upgrades and I wanted to check what kind of crossovers I will need and where to use...
  17. UK Spec E90 Standard stereo

    E90, E91, E92 & E93 - General Forum
    Hi all, I have a 2006 330d M Sport and have recently upgraded the front door speakers with Inifinty co axials. This has sharpened up the top end a treat and the bass seems to be a little better but obviosly a 4" (10cm) speaker is never going to do a great job of the lower frequencies. I keep...
  18. Early BusinessCD and HK Discussion Thread

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I have been crawling through the threads and am trying to "get Smart" on the HK setup in the e46, but many of the dsicusisons / digrams I have found don't specify HK or standard, I also have some open questions i am hoping someone can help me with: 1) On the radio pinout (see photo of the...
  19. Radio has power but does not come on NEED HELP

    ///M3 Forum
    I have a 2003.5 m3 with the harmon kardon sound. I was on a 600 mile trip when my radio said PHONE on the screen (non navi) and then the radio portion of the screen shut off. When I have the interior lights on all the buttons and dials light up but the radio will not come on and I cannot play...
  20. FS: Rockford Fosgate Punch 400a4 Car Amplifier

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    Sold! Sold!