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  1. WTB:Turn signals Pre-facelift Sedan

    Pacific Northwest
    Ambers OEM if possible PM need ASAP!
  2. FS: OEM Amber Halogen Coupe Taillights

    Lighting & Mobile Electronics (I.C.E.)
    FS: OEM Amber Halogen Coupe Taillights (Houston, TX) I am selling a set of OEM halogen amber taillamps for a coupe. Overall in good condition. They will fit all E46 coupes. Included are the outer lights only, no inner lights or bulb carriers. Located in Spring and College Station, prefer a...
  3. SL Blak Soldier: New Wheels, BBS RGR Shoot

    The Showroom
    ....F*ck man meat, i love women meat. :eeps: Anyways, I picked up some new wheels a month ago, I finally got around to fixing the curb-rash and painting them. I'm going for the clean, aggressive look and i think the color of the wheels really do that well. New wheels are 18x8.5 et 38 + 12mm...