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  1. Lighting
    I'm planning on doing the all red tail light mod by using the red vinyls. and since I do have amber non-LED tail lights, i was wondering if it would work or I would see the amber through it?
  2. Lighting
    So I just finished installing my Orion V4's and now all I can look at are the ugly yellow fog lights. Any way to get them to match the orange/amber corner lights? I know you can go to LED's but they won't do anything but sit there and look pretty. I know they are 9006 halogen bulbs, and still...
  3. E46 General
    I'm planning on doing a Morimoto Projector retrofit in a few months and I was thinking about getting some angel eyes. I'm not really a fan of the white/blue ones. What do you guys think about Amber AE's. I have amber signals all around my car. I think that I might go with the Orion Lite since...
  4. E46 Convertible
    I've been looking online for stock, amber colored bumper reflectors for the drivers side... I've only seen clear and smoked ones, just wondering if anyone knows where I can find one?? Thanks in advance
  5. Lighting
    Scenario purposes only say i wanted to have angel eyes that matched my ambers (not those yellow ones, I want amber orange) that I could turn on say when driving through a tunnel or dusk/dawn, but when i switch on my xenons the eyes switched from amber/orange to 5000K/6000K. Is this possible? I...
  6. Lighting
    i am planning on getting angel eyes sometime in may :craig: how would Amber angel eyes from umnitza look on my Light Yellow Metallic e46?? I think it would go good with my car. just looking for some opinions and feedback.
  7. Lighting
    Well I've had led signals for a good six months now. 32 martix in the corner and matrix in the side. Now don't get me wrong they look good and contrast very well with my 6000K hid setup but the amber on these led's is more like orange. I have always felt strange that my OEM halogen tails had a...
  8. amber lights

1-8 of 9 Results