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  1. SWAP: Brushed Aluminum Trim Kit for Regular Plastic Aluminum Trim Kit

    Also check out the matching aluminum shift knob at Getting rid of my car. local trade only. Looking to trade my 8 piece, premium brushed aluminum trim kit for your 8 piece , regular plastic trim kit AND $100
  2. Fs: Aluminum shift knob for automatic transmission

    also check out the matching brushed aluminum trim kit BMW - ALUMINUM SHIFT KNOB FOR AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION $60 Made by BMW, this shift knob is made with modern shape and material and adds a contemporary look to your interior. Fits: E46 3...
  3. WTB WTB Aluminum subframe bushings - other bushings

    Engine & Performance
    I need aluminum subframe bushings for my 04 M3. Any E46 units should work. 95A diff bushings needed as well. I prefer AKG but let me know what you have.
  4. E46 330 Sold

    Engine & Performance
  5. E46 M3 FS: Rogue Engineering Oil Filter Lid *Socal*

    Engine & Performance
    It's brand new. This part has been discontinued for awhile now I believe. Just had it kept around in case I would need it one day lol It's time for me to let it go. Asking 110 shipped obo
  6. E46 Convertible ZHP Black cube trim for convertible-SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Selling ALL 8 pieces of ZHP laser cut aluminum trim for E46 or M3 convertibles. This is super high quality black aluminum cube cut by laser to give outstanding finish. The center console piece is cut for 3 buttons on the drivers side and thus designed for convertibles. Pictures will be posted...
  7. WTB Aluminum Interior Trim Coupe

    I'm looking for a complete set of aluminum trim for my coupe. Let me know what you guys have.
  8. WTB: Aluminum Interior Trim

    Looking to buy a complete set (8pcs) of aluminum trim for my e46 coupe. Let me know what you guys have.
  9. WTB: Titanium Trim Coupe

    I am looking for a complete set of the titanium interior trim for my coupe. Let me know if you are selling.
  10. WTB: Aluminum or Silver Cube Trim Coupe

    I'm looking to buy a complete set of interior trim for a coupe. Either brushed aluminum or Silver cube.
  11. WTB: Interior Trim

    Looking to buy the brushed aluminum trim for a e46 coupe.
  12. Oxidized "chrome" trim repair

    General E46 Forum
    Like most members on this forum the "chrome" trim on my 2004 330ci was badly oxidized when I bought the car two years ago. I quickly found out that the trim was not chrome but was in fact anodized aluminum. Over the years I have tried several polishes but nothing worked. About a year ago I...
  13. FS: Aluminum Front Bumper Carrier

    Up for sale is a front bumper carrier for an E46. I purchased this used from an M3 owner who was rear-ended and parted out his car. I bought it when I when I hit someone in the rear at about walking pace. Figuring that my support was crushed, I had this ready to go for the body shop so I could...
  14. FS: Rare Authentic Hamann E46 M3 Strut Brace

    Suspension and Braking
    FS: Rare Authentic Hamann E46 M3 Strut Brace Price Drop (6/14/10): $250 picked up or $270 Shipped !! Old Price: $300 Picked up or $320 Shipped PM me if interested. Thanks[/IMG]
  15. FS: E46 AC Schnitzer Aluminum Pedal Set (standard transmission)

    FS: E46 AC Schnitzer Aluminum Pedal Set (SOLD) I've got a set of ACS pedals just sitting in my garage. They're still in good condition and are 100% authentic. Used to be in my M3 back in the day. I'm willing to get rid of them for $10 + shipping because I really just want them to go to someone...
  16. FS: aluminum pedals for manual trans - ///M style, great condition!!

    Hey guys, I have a set of really nice looking aluminum pedals in excellent condition -- they've only been on the car for about 2 months, and I didn't even use the car that much really. Both the pedals themselves and rubber backing are of very high quality. I'm asking $65 shipped. Thanks for...
  17. Where to make this Aluminum piece?

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I have a CAD file for this piece. Although a little hard to believe it is a Amp rack. I really want this piece made of aluminum but willing to settle for other metals like maybe stainless steel. Do you know a place where this piece could be done. It is aprox 3ft long. As for thickness I would...