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  1. (SOLD) FS: OE CSL Air Rail *Socal*

    Engine & Performance
    Sorry, I missed a day lol Been busy. I'm procrastinating right now, so about to post some. To keep you guys in the loop… Last OE CSL part. I know…finally right? Lol It's the OE CSL Air Rail. You want to be using this with the Map sensor I just posted. Brand new, never installed, only opened...
  2. FS: OE CSL Intake Flap/Snorkel w/Air intake hoses *Socal*

    Engine & Performance
    Well if you haven't kept up from my other FS posts. Today, I guess I'm going with Engine/Air intake related items. Starting off with this set of hoses that connect from the CSL bumper to the intake. Selling as a set. Includes CSL Intake Flap/Snorkel Includes: OE CSL Airbox Air Shutoff Valve...
  3. WTB 288/280 Shrick, CSL Airbox, AEM Infinity ECU

    Engine & Performance
    WTB 288/280 Shrick CSL Airbox AEM Infinity ECU
  4. Melted airbox after fitting alternator

    General E46 Forum
    I fitted a new alternator to my 52 plate e46 the weekend, after a day or so since then it's has been running rough so I dug around today looking for split hoses and found something much worse. It seems when I fitted the airbox back on I didn't fit it properly and the belt has been rubbing...
  5. E46 M3 WTB: Evolve NEW Evolve CSL Carbon Airbox

    Engine & Performance
    Hey guys, Anyone got an authentic evolve CSL Carbon Airbox for the 6speed manual? Looking to buy one ASAP. Post back in this thread or PM me Thanks :thumbup:
  6. "Double" intake 330i?

    Driveline, Engine & DME Tuning
    Well, I've been shopping around for intakes and noticed a lack of dual filter options. I got to thinking why-not or why this may be and figured a double option must conflict with the most effective way to draw air or poses a maintenance challenge. Does anyone know why I'm unable to find...
  7. In Need of OEM E46 M3 CSL INTAKE

    Engine & Performance
    I'm looking for a CSL intake, used. PM me if you have any offers...
  8. E46 M3 FS: Delage Airbox

    Engine & Performance
    a Delage airbox, about 12 months old with 4000 miles on it in great condition, only has marks of use comes with smg reservoir, air filter, hose and hose clamps, everything required for install great sound mod just like CSL airbox, with the right tune there will be performabce gain As you can...
  9. 2000 323ci Stock Air Box

    Engine & Performance
  10. FS: New Bosch 130a Alternator and other stuff

    Engine & Performance
    Hey all, Sold 2001 330ci, no longer need this stuff, I'll post up pics later tonight fits my 2001 330ci E46... please reference the manufacturers if it will fit a different model or year. 1.) 1x Bosch 130 Amp Alternator fits 2001 E46 330ci, please check with Bosch if this fits other...
  11. :: ECS Tuning :: Fresh off the boat N52 Euro Airboxes are in stock!!!

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    Fresh off the boat from Europe ECS Tuning has N52 Euro Airboxes in stock! Add European performance and convenience to your US spec E9X If you have ever tried to replace your stock air filter on your N52, you'll be all too familiar with the lengthy process of removing the airbox to simply...
  12. Tischer BMW/ - PRICE DROP!!! BMW Performance Air Intake for 325i's!!!

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    Tischer BMW/ - PRICE DROP!!! BMW Performance Air Intake for 325i's!!! A breath of fresh air is enough to invigorate any engine. And upgrading to a BMW Performance air intake will unleash gains not only in horsepower and torque, but add fuel economy, reduced pressure drop and...
  13. WTB: OEM airbox for E46 M3

    Engine & Performance
    Please PM me with photos, if possible. Thank you! Dave ** NO LONGER NEEDED ** Thank you for looking!
  14. FS: Delage CF Airbox

    Engine & Performance
    SOLD! Boxed up and ready to go New filter And a video of it in the car right before I took it off.