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  1. Airbag light comes off and on

    General E46 Forum
    I got my 2004 e46 330ci back in august and since then the airbag light has been coming off and on randomly. the car has been in an accident it was hit in the rear left, none of the airbags went off. any suggestions on what could be the problem?
  2. E46 Coupe FS bagged 323ci

    Complete Cars - Private
    LOCATED IN RIVERSIDE CA. Up for sale is my 2000 323ci 5 speed trans bmw e46 smog was just done last month car has 100k miles so all belts/pulleys/water pump/thermostat have been replaced oil changed about 500 miles ago, Liqui Moly 5w 30 NGK spark plugs and new charcoal cabin filter along...
  3. Coilovers

    General E46 Forum
    I was thinking about about lowering my car but i would want to be able to ajust it so what would you guys recomend ajustible coilovers or airbags? What are the major differences? Are cheap coilovers any good? Or is it to much of a risk? Thank you
  4. 05 330i parts

    I'm looking for some parts for my 05 330i so if anybody can help that would be much appreciated. I need wheel airbag w/4 spoke design, passenger airbag, srs battery cable, bumper and passenger fender. Thanks!
  5. Counterfeit Airbags Alert for X3, X5, 3 and 5 Series

    BMW News from around the Web Thankfully the E46 isn't effected but a lot of E46Fanatics members also own other BMWs. Make sure you check to make sure you and your loved ones are safe! The U.S. Department of Transportation's National...
  6. FS: 2004 e46 M3 Airbags 4 total

    I have 2004 M3 airbags: 1-drivers steering wheel airbag-$300 OBO 1-passenger dash airbag-$100 OBO 2-door airbags left & right-$110 both OBO Asking $450 for all Located near Portland OR for local pick up, can ship...
  7. E46 04 Coupe parts left over parts:

    Parting Out
    E46 04 Coupe passenger side mirror glass(like new heated) $70 Black leather armrest $100 3.46 Differential $350 D2S Bulbs $40 each All Airbags for sale including 4 spoke steering wheel multi functional make reasonable offers
  8. trouble after airbags deployed

    just a bit of knowledge sharing here many of you will probably know this already but i tried finding info on here about this and it was hard to find. had a wee disagreement with a set of pedestrian railings last week in my 2001 316i:banghead:. Set the airbags off but that was only the start of...
  9. I am doomed (Tons of error codes) PLS HELP

    General E46 Forum
    HI guys, So this morning when I woke upo to go for my divorce hearing, the fan on my 325 i did not work. After getting the decree in my hand I headed over to a reliable repair shop and was informed that the fan motor resistor needs to be replaced. After doing that the guy was nice enough to...