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  1. E46 still battling lean codes after a year

    General E46 Forum
    Ok so still fighting my ‘01 330i on the dreaded p0171 and p0174. It seems as if I have gotten it down to something with the ac. Call me crazy. I haven’t read anything in any other thread about this. But it only throws lean codes when I’m running the ac system. Any guesses?
  2. Another A/C Problem

    General E46 Forum
    Hi guys, greetings from Poland! The car with problems is: manual E46 330i 2000. My ac doesn’t blow any cold air as it is right now, but after the recharge it was ice cold. Sometimes there was some icing from the vents. (Visible cold After a week it started to work intermittently. (Sometimes on...
  3. Help

    E46 Convertible
    Hi all I’m very new on here and have little mechanical knowledge but willing to give anything a go My 325i convertible roof has stopped working I have a flashing red light on the control panel..the roof unlocks and retracts about 10” and that’s it ..and it won’t close from there either ..I gave...
  4. DIY: AC Repair - Replace Compressor, Condensor, Expansion Valve, and Drier

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hey everyone! I searched the forums for a while before working on my AC and the one hangup I was having was replacing the condenser. I didn't want to mess with the cooling system and I've seen multiple posts asking if you can replace the condenser without draining any coolant. After enough...
  5. Does A/C compressor oil change? + system lubrification?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi guys ! I just have a few questions regarding our A/C system. I had to open it so I decided might as well change a few components. I'm replacing all the O-rings, replacing the expansion valve and heater control valve (trying to address the ac blowing hot air issue), and the AC drier because...
  6. Air conditioning with an aftermarket fan and controller

    General E46 Forum
    Some information to start. I have a 2002 330CI. I began having some cooling issues so I decided to beef up the system a little bit. An aluminum radiator and flexalite controller later, I begin to have AC issues. The blower will run but no cold air will begin flowing. The FSR is new, fuses and...
  7. E46 AC not working

    General E46 Forum
    Hey everyone, So just a couple days ago I was putting in an aftermarket radio in my 2003 325i (sedan) and when I put the dash all back together I noticed my AC stopped working. I did some research and read that replacing the AC unit would work. So I picked one up for $30 on ebay but not even...
  8. Weak Blower

    General E46 Forum
    I've noticed that my blower seems to not change the amount of air that comes out of the vent, no matter if it is on low or high settings. It's blowing cold and hot just fine, but the actual amount of air that is coming in does not seem to change. I can hear it get louder as I increase the high...
  9. aux fan help debuggin with automatic

    General E46 Forum
    I've been reading all over about the aux fan. I suspect I have to buy the very expensive fan and pay a fair amount in shipping to Canada. My A/C is blowing warm air. It seems cooler when I'm on the highway so I suspect the fan already. It does not come on when I first start the car - even...
  10. Air conditioning problems! please assist!

    General E46 Forum
    My car is blowing hot air out on an irregular schedule. When I first turn the car on and turn the top middle and bottom vents on (along with the AC button) the face vents blow decently cold air while the top and bottom vents blow warm air. As I start to drive and especially when I get on a...
  11. Compressor turns off frequently in warm weather

    General E46 Forum
    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me some guidance on an issue I've been having for the past couple months. I'll try to give as much info as possible. Basically, the A/C on my 2001 330i (manual transmission) doesn't work well in high ambient temperatures. I first noticed this after I...
  12. | Original BMW Natural Air Interior Fragrance Kit!

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    BMW Natural Air is an interior fragrance kit for the car, consisting of a fragrance holder and replaceable fragrance sticks. There are three different scents available: "Purifying Green Tea", "Energizing Tonic" and "Balancing Amber". These products are specifically designed to work with the BMW...
  13. Top Wont Work - Instrument Cluster Doesn't Work - Air Conditioning Doesn't Work

    E46 Convertible
    I changed my fuel pump today and when I turned on my car, the Top Won't Work - Instrument Cluster Doesn't Work - Air Conditioning Doesn't Work. All I did was a straight replacement of the fuel pump. I put my old fuel pump back in and the issues are still there. The car drives fine. No...
  14. FS: OEM AC Relocation Multi-Button

    For sale is an OEM BMW Air Conditioning Relocation for cars with multi-button controls. I accidentally purchased the wrong part when installing my Avant-2:banghead: It is literally brand new. Great way to refresh the interior of your car if you already have nav and your piece is scratched up...
  15. AC Mystery

    General E46 Forum
    Alright so I have searched all over and can't find my particular problem discussed. My air conditioning works, but only kind of. When it is on 3 blue dots and 59F, and all 3 vents going (dash, face, and feet) I get warm air from each. when I switch it to just face and feet vents, i get cold...
  16. 2003 325xi AC Issue

    General E46 Forum
    Whats up guys... I had been having major issue with my car going into limp mode, random misfires, etc. It came down to finally changing the ignition coils, among many other things. Now the car runs nice and smooth. However, since I changed the ignition coils, my AC doesn't work. It sounds...
  17. Airconditioning sometimes leaking drops of water out of vents and acting weird

    General E46 Forum
    I have an 2002 E46 325i with 91,000 km on it, and I am experiencing really weird AC issues. My Problem: I noticed that when I start the car up in the morning and turn the AC to full blast, there would be little drops of water coming out of the two front vents, sometimes the water would drop...
  18. newbie sat nav and air con

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys just bought my first 325ci last week and one thing bugging me is the sat nav. Whats the easiest way to upgrade the software for it also yesterday my air con stopped working. All the lights work but no air is blowing out all help is appreciated thanks
  19. 2003 E46 330i Fan Blower Motor Intermittent

    General E46 Forum
    More electrical problems with my 2003 330i. Now my AC blower fan comes on and off MYSTERIOUSLY by itself. However, I have noticed that when I shift things around in the trunk or perhaps slam the lid, the fan will come back on. Anyone have any clues as to what is going on?
  20. Heat on the floor when I turn on AC

    General E46 Forum
    I've seen this question answered here before, but I can't seem to find the post again. have a 2003 BMW 330i 4 door with an Air Conditioning problem - When I turn on my AC, I get heat from the floor well of the passenger side. Needless to say, its so warm that a passenger cooks when riding in...