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  1. E46 Sponser Specials and Sales
    Today, our front bumpers are up for grabs. Here are the rules go to -> WWW.EXTREMEDIMENSIONS.COM Check out our front bumpers for the E46 and PM me or post your part request & zip code for a fast easy quote, you will get the lowest price on front bumpers today only. The quote is only good for...
  2. E46 General
    I'm installing this bumper on my car and I'm trying to figure out what brake ducts and fender liners fit it. There are like 6 different brake ducts listed, some say for m bumper, but not which bumper. The Mtech 2 uses long brake ducts, this bumper uses really short ones. Anyone have this bumper...
  3. Africa
    I saw the Aero style wipers on RealOEM, but my stealership does not stock them. Has anyone fitted them and what do I have to do to fit them? I know that DieselElectric sell the Bosch type, but don't know if they will fit on my car....:tsk:
1-3 of 3 Results