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  1. Need advise

    General E46 Forum
    Okay, so im considering trading in my car for a new one/slightly used.. I've never done a trade in before, but before i do i have a question/need advise. long story short, I hit a curb. Ended up having to replace lower control arm, inner outer tie rods, lower control arm bushing, sway bar link...
  2. Suspension Advise; One Corner is Lower Than The Rest.

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, Today I noticed that the right-rear side of my car sits lower than the opposite side. Upon closer inspection it seems as though one shock was replaced while the other side wasn't. :banghead: I'm now out to fix this and I was wondering if I should do all 4 corners, or just the rear. If I...

    General E46 Forum
    Please tell me if anyone had an experience buying a bumper from I have 330 coupe 2004 facelift this is the bumper I want to put on my car, what do you think? Will I have a problem with an air duck...
  4. Buying BMW E46 M3 2004 Convertible HELP NEEDED

    General E46 Forum
    Hello I'm looking to buy an M3. For now this particular car is beautiful, but :banghead: I need your pro help forum-mates please take a look and tell me your opinion! link::read: it's on the craigslist, has a Salvage title, the owner...
  5. Help me completing the dream of my life!!!!

    ///M3 Forum
    :4ngie:ok here is the thing i just got my m3 and i was wondering if you can help me with the dream of my life any help will be appreciated, i know the car is a little bit F&$%"! up, but im putting a lot of effort to this and well a little bit of money too of course, i will put some pics, just to...