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  1. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    Over 2 years ago I was looking for 6000k halogen bulbs and someone on this forum pointed me to an e46 Fanatics sponsor who sold them pretty cheap. I can't for the life of me remember the site. Any ideas of where I can buy them? Thanks.
  2. E46 Showroom
    (((F1 Autohaüs & TrippinBimmer "EUPHORIA 6000k LED Interior & License Plate Kit!" ))) I'd thank my new sponsors F1 Autohaüs, Mike picked me up before 4ngieFest 2009. I got the Euphoria 6000k LED Interior and License Plate Kit... Kudos to them and their Service. As far as the Euphoria 6000k...
  3. E46 Sponser Specials and Sales
    F1 Autohaüs | EUPHORIA 6k - Stage.1 High-Powered LED Interior & License Lamps *SALE* Euphoria 6k - Stage<sup>1</sup> is designed for enthusiasts who aim for a TRUE and complete High-Powered solution. Unlike other inferior kits you see that try to squeeze as many DIP-style leds into one bulb...
  4. Lighting, Sound, Electronics
    selling a brand new pair (still in sealed box) of 6500K Catz HID xenon lamps. Lamps are D2R (for reflector based headlamps) and have oem p32d bases. selling for $140. pm me if interested.
1-4 of 6 Results