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  1. E90 General
    What’s the whole procedure of removing headlights on the E90’s. I hear there’s a baking part to it. My 2007 needs a cleaning and I’m thinking of painting the chrome black.
  2. Engine Swaps
    Hello all, I've decided to take a few minutes to share the latest project a friend and I have been working on. As the title states, we've been working on swapping a N54 engine into an e46 M3. Several months ago we found the rolling shell of an M3 on craigslist (no engine or transmission) for a...
  3. E90 General
    Hey guys i checked a few threads around the place but they didn't really give insightful answers. There's a couple genuine e92 M3 exhausts around and i'm curious of the process it will take to fit it to my 2008 n54 335i. Has anyone done this before or can give me any advice/information? Cheers
  4. E90 General
    Hey All, Looking for a 2011 e90 rear bumper for a 335i Msport with PDC. Let me know what you have! Thanks Thomas 215-490-4680
  5. New York, New Jersey, Connecticut
    I have a n54 cobb access port for sale it's mint all cables and original box and passages come with it $550 obo Looking to sell so I can buy coil overs Help a brother out people text me at 6099476811
  6. E90 General
    I bought a car from a dealership in Alabama.... 335i to be exact with 60,000 miles. this car was advertised with a CPO until jan 2015. This car was a manufacturer buyback. (Fuel Pump) I checked the warranty with BMW NA before buying... Yes it has a warranty until Jan 2015 they tell me...
  7. E90 General
    I owned a e46 330i, 2001 to be exact. I now own a beautiful 335i e90. I miss my seats though. They were alcantra suede. Most comfortable seats I have ever sat in. I noticed the euro specs have suede as an option and I want to sell my perfect leather interior and swap out for euro suede sport...
  8. E90 General
    So a friend called me yesterday to see if I want to buy his 335I its 2007 with 80,000 mi it's a twin turbo with sport package 2 door looks real sharp he is wanting 13,000 for it is that a good price? I have a 2000 323i at the moment with 210,000 miles on it I've put a lot of work in to it and...
  9. E90 General
    hey, i have a 2007 bmw 335i coupe with idrive. there is no sound coming out of the speakers (CD,CDChanger, Navigation Guidelines, AUX, Seatbelt warnings, etc...) sometimes the sound comes back on for 10 seconds max and then it cuts out again for a long time. also my bluetooth, and voice command...
  10. E90 General
    So I work at a shop, and a guy wants me to remove his rear bumper off his 2008 e92, and mount on a new m-tech bumper, and I honestly dont know a number to give him for price. Any idea what a fair price would be to charge him?
  11. E90 General
    So im looking to trade my 06 e90 to get a manual e92 335i or a manual 135i. This is the one that im looking at, does it seem like a fair price...
  12. E90 Showroom
    2007 Automatic BMW 335I SEDAN WITH 24,950 MILES ON IT Every option possible in the car. Packages Premium package, Cold weather package, sports package and NAV Upgrades. Soft ware bigger oil cooler carbon fiber intake Dinan Exhaust (sleeper) adjustable Koni struts and shocks with...
  13. E90 General
    Hey everyone, frequent Bimmerfest user here coming to visit and share my 335 sale with you. 2010 335i coupe with 19,900 on the odometer. Under factory warranty until 4/26/2014 or 50,000 miles. Titanium Silver (TiAg) metallic paint, black Dakota leather interior, and dark burl walnut wood...
  14. E90 Showroom
    The old ride (is now going to be the "project car"): So I don't have any children (that I know of, although I wouldn't be entirely surprised by a random father's day card at some point in my life) and I'm not married but lat night I experienced what I'm sure are equal (if not better)...
  15. E90 Showroom
    My new 335i space grey
  16. E90 General
    Actually just about to purchase a 2009 335i and wanted to now if 57000 miles is high mileage for a well maintained 335. I've looked at the Carfax and the owner always followed the scheduled maintenance from BMW (it was the the original owner, I would be the second). The car looks and feels well...
  17. Showroom Video Clips
    Took me a while to make, but its up now, enjoy! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2iYJ_6ANLE
  18. E90 General
    what kind of bodykit is this?
  19. E46 General
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=73_FHlhVd2U My friend finally posted the video
1-19 of 25 Results