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  1. E90 General
    Hi there! I’ve recently purchased my 2008 335D and and it’s been running sweet as a nut up until this morning. The cars sitting at about 88k on the clock and as I got to work and sat in the car park I noticed that it was idling rough. It normally sits about 800rpm on idle but sitting this...
  2. E46 General
    Hey, apologies if I may break a rule or two since this is my first post on here, on any forum really, so feel free to move the thread if faulty placed. I'm doing my best tho. Anyways, I've had a nice piece of BMW diesel (330Dt -01, 184hp) for the last half a year or so and I'm pleased with it...
  3. F30 General
    Genuinely excited for the potential of the 335d (especially in M Sport trim) saloon in the UK. Figures alone will suggest this could be the fastest diesel car in the world (bar the V12 Q7 TDI). Heres a few facts based on the 2011 640d/535d (same engine) 313 bhp from the twin turbocharged, in...
1-3 of 3 Results