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  1. FS: Valeo Single Mass Flywheel from 835101

    Engine & Performance
    For sale is a used single mass flywheel from Valeo’s 835101 single mass conversion kit for M54B30/6-speed cars. I pulled this from a 6-speed 330xi but then decided to go a different route for my car. This flywheel can be cheaply resurfaced and then paired with Valeo’s 828501 service kit...
  2. 2002 e46 330ci | Stiff Clutch

    General E46 Forum
    Hey what’s up guys, I’m new to the e46 community and hope you awesome people can help me out! I have a 330ci that was not going into gear and the clutch felt very soft during idle. I eventually turned on the car while in 1st gear and somehow got it into 3rd gear skipping 2nd on the freeway to...
  3. Looking for 330 zhp, 6mt coupe

    Complete Cars - Private
    Any price, <100k miles. Located in boston but willing to pay shipping costs
  4. Interior lights won't turn off

    General E46 Forum
    He guys - I’m having a puzzling issue. I recently bought 2004 330ci coupe, and have been having battery problems. Whenever I leave the car parked for more than 12 hrs, the battery is completely drained. So found some information in the forum about running a parasitic drain test, which I...
  5. E46 330 For Sale 2002 330Ci Topaz Blue/5spd/Original Owner

    Complete Cars - Private
    Sadly, I am having to part ways with my garage kept 330Ci, moving to Chicago, this vehicle has never seen snow. Garage queen. 2002 330Ci 5 speed manual - Beautiful combination VIN: WBABN53402JU27498 Original Owner - Jacksonville, FL (Southern Car, never been in snow) No accidents. Very...
  6. Rear Sun Blind Retrofit help

    General E46 Forum
    Hello everyone, I have a 2002 BMW 330ci. I had ordered a rear power sunshade / sun blind for a coupe it had came with the strip button panel and looked super easy to wire. My issue is when I removed the rear deck and flipped it over there was no precut line. From my understanding it is...
  7. Help deciding which E46 is right - M3, 330ci, 320ci..

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all, Finally at a point where I am able to purchase the dream car - E46:evil:, was hoping to get some help/advice around the specific model to purchase and general information on prices, they seem to be incredible varied! Important to note: I do not expect to sell/trade car at any time...
  8. Force Brake Display not working

    General E46 Forum
    Hello everyone, I am trying to code force brake stage 2 and stage 3 when ABS kicks in. I have a 2002 BMW 330ci with LED tail lights that I properly refrofitted with a lcm on 3.6. I used the OEM harness adapters and added +LEDH in my VO when I coded them. I did this last year. However now I...
  9. 330ci Help: Changed Battery. Abs, Traction & Red Brake Light Stay On

    General E46 Forum
    I recently put in a new battery but now a new problem has come up. The abs, traction & red brake lights stay on when i start the engine & drive. I drove around for 20 minutes to see if it goes away & nothing. Any help would be appreciated. 2002 330ci
  10. E46 330 FS 2003 330Ci 5 speed MT stock Coupe 113k

    Complete Cars - Private
    SOLD I'm selling my 2003 330Ci 5 speed manual with 113404 miles. - VIN: WBABN53483JU45149 It is fully stock (only mod is Dice MediaBridge for my phone) and has: - Sport Package - Premium Package - Cold Weather Package I've owned the car since April of 2013 and my brother owned it before...
  11. E46 2001 330ci - Supercharged - Many top quality mods

    Complete Cars - Private
    E46 - 2001 BMW 330ci - Supercharged - Many top quality mods listed below Manual, Everything works Asking $9,500 VIN: WBABN53481JU24072 146,957 miles Located Waukesha, WI (Southeast WI, west of Milwaukee) Some travel between New Berlin, Madison, and La Crosse for serious buyers is possible...
  12. Hi-beams randomly work

    Lighting Forum
    Good day, I have done a lot of searching and haven't found a solid answer. 2004 BMW E46 330Ci coupe 267,000 miles Bi-xenon AL headlights. I had a flickering problem for a long time. I ended up, for other reasons as well, replacing both headlights with brand new BMW models (since no one...
  13. E46 Coupe BMW 330Ci ZHP

    Complete Cars - Private
    Second owner Asking price is $7500 Located Chantilly, VA Current mileage 130,000 Purchased the car on 2014 at around 90,000 mileage and drove about 40,000 miles. I have TONS of work done to this car including parts and labor. It's too difficult to list all the work but some of the recent work...
  14. 2001 330ci Engine Noise

    General E46 Forum
    Hoping someone has heard this noise before and can help me diagnose it. It sounds like the old retractable antenna electric motors do when the cord breaks and they keep spinning. Thanks for the help!
  15. 2006 330ci conv trans temp

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    is there a way to see if tranny overheating?
  16. 330ci 2006 car shuts down

    General E46 Forum
    2nd time this happened under same circomstances, drove car highway speeds,runs great,ambient temp 95 or so,100 plus on street, get into slow or no moving traffic, non moving 5 to 10 plus minutes,cat dash light all on car quits running, wont restart, let cool 2 min or so, disconnect MAF sensor...
  17. M54B30 from a 2003 E46 330Ci, 155,000 miles, $600

    Engine & Performance
    I bought this car not running to use for an LS engine swap. According to the previous owner all it needed was an alternator. My plan was to get the car running again and drive it for a while as I get together the rest of the parts I need for the swap. I had the car towed home, put in a new...
  18. All in 15K 330ci build

    General E46 Forum
    As the title suggests, I am interested embarking on a 330ci build/restoration with a 15k all in budget. I am not mechanically inclined so I will be using a shop for all the mechanical work. I am completely able to do some interior restorations my self though. I am an enthusiast home detailer and...
  19. Keys and ECU

    General E46 Forum
    I'm working on a 2002 manual 325Ci and I've misplaced the only key. I'm doing a swap to a 97k miles 3.0L among other things. Brakes, interior etc... Plan is to start the engine swap in the next few weeks. Already replaced all the goodies you'd do with the engine out. I have a donor 2003...
  20. WTB [330Ci] Bimmerbrakes headers

    Engine & Performance
    Closed!! Long time listener, first time caller. Looking to buy some bimmerbrakes headers. My car doesn't need cats as it is off-road use only. Located in Boston, MA and would prefer someone local to New England but if you have a set and are willing to ship, let's talk.