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  1. Replacing 325i belts, what else should I do while im in there?

    General E46 Forum
    Hey fellas long time lurker that finally made an account. I'm a 22 year old in Texas that picked up an e46 325i after my 350z was totaled by a drunk driver. I've realized after some time that it is a car I need to work on and maintain or it's gonna fall apart under my feet. I got rather lucky...
  2. 2002 325i drivers door not latching in cold

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2002 325i sedan, this is the first winter having it, and I started having problems whenever it was below freezing. The driver's door will open, but then will not stay latched when you close it from outside (door just hits the car and comes back open). if you open it, get in and pull...
  3. 02 325i sputters and die first crank; Always starts on second start.

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys My e46 is currently experiencing this problem just recently whereas upon cold starting the car - car been sitting for a while - it always initially turns over to about 600rpm instead of the usual 1000rpm before promptly dying. Upon second turn over it always starts and idles perfectly...
  4. Whats your setup?? Drop me some knowledge!

    General E46 Forum
    when i first started messing with the cooling system i obviously didnt bleed it right and what happened is the system purged itself of air...thru the level sensor on the bottom radiator hose. that was a light on/off issue. Replaced sensor completely (youll hear talk of just replacing the o ring...
  5. Cold start sound 325i no power issues

    General E46 Forum
    Today it finally hit below freezing in Maryland. My 2002 325i is in a garage so it's not as cold. When I started her up today, it started just as fast as regular but with a sound I can only deacribe as a fan blowing at full blast. Its was very sudden as she drove fine with no sounds yesterday...
  6. E46 325 (FL) 2002 BMW 325i Sedan Orient Blue E46 Complete Part Out

    Parting Out
    I am parting out a 2002 BMW 325i Sedan! Located in Tampa, FL. All parts are available! :thumbsup: The best way to contact me is either through a PM here or my email: [email protected] 2002 BMW 325i Sedan - Orient Blue Metallic (317) - Automatic Transmission - 87K Miles Taken from...
  7. 2000 BMW 323i

    Complete Cars - Private
  8. Any Style 119 Wheels (got em)

    NY / NJ / CT
    thanks for the leads guys, found the wheels :thumbsup:
  9. BMW Sport Suspension Question

    Suspension & Braking
    Can the BMW Sport Suspension from a 2005 325i Sedan be used on a 2004 325ci Convertible? Are they the same? :hmm:
  10. E46 sport seat retrofit

    General E46 Forum
    Hey fanatics I just have a few questions about a sport seat retrofit. I have an 05 325i with heated and power leatherette seats. I'm wondering if the sport seats (power, leather, and heated) from an 04 330i would be a simple plug n play, or would I have to swap sensors etc from my current seats...
  11. New to forum! Experiencing over heating...

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2003 e46. 2 weeks ago my expansion tank got a crack and over heated. I replaced it with an OEM tank and OEM upper radiator hose. I then filled up the tank but little did I know since its my first bmw i had to remove the bleeder screw and turn on my heat then fill up. So my car started...
  12. E46 325 2003 325I Part out CHEAP!!

    Parting Out
    Car is being taken to pick and pull this Saturday so selling parts for cheap, let me know what you need along with you offer (shipped) 2003 325i automatic Motor was overheated so resulted in a possible cracked head (cranks with no compression) and a blown hg So far sold: Headlights Front...
  13. Parting out 04 325i auto, ~120k miles, rear passenger side damaged

    Parting Out
    Gone Gone Gone Car is gone. Thanks for the interest.
  14. Scale Suspension ??

    General E46 Forum
    hey guys new to e46fanatics and new to the bmw gang. To start off i own a 2003 325i , when i got it , it was on raceland coils. did all the maintenance on it and put everything stock . now to my question , i am in the market for a good budget set of coilovers. i am in between BC Racing or...
  15. FS: 2002 325i Manual Sedan w/ Sport Package

    Complete Cars - Private
    Craigslist link:
  16. FS: 2002 325i Manual Sedan w/ Sport Package

    Pacific Northwest
    Craigslist link:
  17. Any E46 FS: E46 KYB shocks/ struts, OEM springs

    Suspension and Braking
  18. Any E46 E46 UUC Corsa single exhaust

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  19. Any BMW Alpine White 4-door E30 325i

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  20. ** PARTING OUT** Black on Black. E90 Rockland, NY

    E90, E91, E92 & E93 - General Forum
    Hi, First time posting here. Have been member on e46fanatics for 5+ years with the username: rizwan1377 (i made a new account for here so theres 0 in between). The engine went bad on my E60 which has the same motor(N52), so i bought the whole car for parts so I can use the engine and sell the...