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  1. DIY Supercharging

    Forced Induction Forum
    Hi, have been reading through the forums and cant find the exact info I need. I have a project car which is a 2003 auto e46 325 m54 engine, I also have an Eaton m62 A1110900380 S/c. What other parts am I going to need in order to fully install the S/C? The kits are too expensive and would like...
  2. 6Speed Swap into a 325ci

    General E46 Forum
    Hello, I recently bought a 2003 325ci (a few months ago) with the intention of turning it into a track car. I have finally completed 99% of the maintenance required and am ready to move on to mods. Unfortunately, the car is automatic and I'd like to throw in a 6 speed (ZF S6-37). Is this...
  3. Grey 2004 325CI M-Sport for Sale in Essex

    Hey guys, I'm being forced to sell my E46 325CI, cuz I need to replace it with a diesel :) Not as fun as the petrol, I know, but I can't not have an E46!! It's in great shape - needs a couple touch ups like a new BMW badge & side mirror fuse which is nothing. The car does need a front...
  4. WTB : 330Ci/325Ci

    Complete Cars - Private
    Year span: Any Mileage span: <200k Color(s): Any Transmission: MY Modification status (stock, light mods, heavy mods): stock/light mods Price range: <$5000
  5. 2002 e46 330ci | Stiff Clutch

    General E46 Forum
    Hey what’s up guys, I’m new to the e46 community and hope you awesome people can help me out! I have a 330ci that was not going into gear and the clutch felt very soft during idle. I eventually turned on the car while in 1st gear and somehow got it into 3rd gear skipping 2nd on the freeway to...
  6. Seeking buying advice!

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all, first post here as a brand new poster (very exciting, i know). Been a fan of E46's for a while now and im finally looking to pull the trigger and pick one up. One particular car for sale at the moment caught my eye... A manual 325ci with just over 80k miles. The car is being sold rather...
  7. My lovely BMW e46 325ci. My pride and joy!

    The Showroom
    Everyone here knows life isn't the greatest thing, we all have our ups and downs. But recently in the past few years it's been mainly downs. Dont know if it's just adulting or what. But either way I have my favorite thing on this planet. Many of you here will be able to relate here but for most...
  8. 2003 325ci Manual Coupe Black/Black Lowered

    Complete Cars - Private
    2003 BMW 325ci Coupe 5 speed manual RWD VIN: PC99717 Jet Black w/ Black Interior & Sport package Manual Seats w/ Seat Heaters 136,000 miles, 2nd owner Asking $6500 Located in Orlando, FL Clean title in hand Steering/Suspension/Brakes/Wheels: BC Racing Coilovers w/ endlinks & adjustable front...
  9. SOLD - 2001 BMW 325Ci Converitble - NY

    Complete Cars - Private
    SOLD- 2001 BMW 325Ci Convertible 5-speed I've owned it for around a year. It has around 125,000 miles and is in relatively good shape. Not a show car, but not bad either. When I got it, I had the hydraulic pump for the top rebuilt, so that should be good for the life of the car. Since then the...
  10. FS: 2004 325CI MANUAL Convertible - SOLD

    Hi all, For sale: 2004 BMW E46 325CI Convertible Manual 251,000 km $7,500 neg. This is a very clean and unmolested original BMW convertible, and best of all: it is a rare manual. Car is located in Sydney / Sutherland Shire. Great colour combination (orient blue and black leather interior)...
  11. Alarm siren goes off almost immediately after arming (325Ci)

    General E46 Forum
    I drove through some high water recently and the following day the alarm started acting funny. Within 5 or so seconds of arming the car, the siren goes off, without fail. I replaced the bonnet (hood) sensor, the tilt sensor in the trunk, and disabled (unplugged) the ultrasonic (roof) motion...
  12. 325ci shifter being stiff

    General E46 Forum
    I bought my car about a couple months ago, the shifter is stiff and now i'm trying to figure out how to fix it, I've been looking online and ive found this from ECS tuning: I was wondering if that would fix my...
  13. Keys and ECU

    General E46 Forum
    I'm working on a 2002 manual 325Ci and I've misplaced the only key. I'm doing a swap to a 97k miles 3.0L among other things. Brakes, interior etc... Plan is to start the engine swap in the next few weeks. Already replaced all the goodies you'd do with the engine out. I have a donor 2003...
  14. Will a 2001 325Ci 5speed fit into 2001 330ci? (Manual swap)

    General E46 Forum
    So i got 325ci 5 speed getrag transmission with everything included for a swap. From what I researched already the tranny should bolt up fine. I've noticed where the flex joint meets the transmission is smaller than the 330s. is this ok or should i have gotten a 330 transmission and driveshaft...
  15. E46 325ci revs fluctuate pulling off

    Hey guys, cant seem to get to the bottom of this, when trying to pull off in 1st or in reverse my revs seem to start dropping to the point of stalling then rise. I have checked the intake pipe and MAF sensor and all seem ok, even checked the Disa which seems fine. Any ideas would be grateful
  16. E46 Coupe FS: complete sunroof assembly

    REDUCED... see next post. FS: Complete sunroof assembly, working fine when removed during SpecE46 race car build. Came out of a pre-facelift coupe, almost certainly fits facelift coupes. ...might also fit sedans?? $99 picked up... Winston-Salem NC. Packing and shipping from 27012 additional.
  17. E46 325 FS: 2001 325ci 5spd Manual Long Island, NY

    Complete Cars - Private
  18. ISO Bc racing coilovers

    Suspension and Braking
    Looking for a set of bc racing coilovers for a 2001 e46 325ci.
  19. 325ci or 328ci ?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi everyone, I am starting to look for a used e46 coupe running on gas and with a manual transmission here in France. At first I was looking for a 330ci but it's difficult to find ones in great shape (i've been looking for 4 months now), given that I'd like to pay less than 9k€ if possible...
  20. 325ci "jumping! idle, sometimes stalls on idle

    General E46 Forum
    Hi! I just joined this forum because I have an BMW e46 325ci that has something faulty with the engine. When the car gets somewhat warm the idle will start "jumping". It goes from high RPM and drops quick to low RPM, then catches up again and rises RPM. Most of the times this jumping will...