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  1. Need some answers from a pro

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2004 325i with the m54b25 and auto trans. 1. Say engine and transmission are pulled, can I hook power to it and still use the windows and trunk?. 2. with that being said if so great, if not what would be needed to do? Not at all familiar with CAN BUS. at the moment the car has a 383...
  2. I need help PLEASE

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  3. IMG-20180427-WA0002.jpg


  4. Gm5 module

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2001 BMW325 I and of course it has a GM5 module issue I am wondering if I was to replace it with a new module which I have to hand off a car of the same year with that rectify it or does it need to be programmed any advice on this is much appreciated as it’s just a little niggle needs...
  5. FS: 2005 325xi Touring 5 Speed Sport Package with Shark Injector

    Complete Cars - Private
    Engineer and enthusiast owned since new. I’ve loved this car, but the fleet is growing too large and it’s time to let this one go. Car is Oxford Green Metallic over a tan interior. The car currently has 205k miles. I’ve got $13k in this car; I wanted to make this car the best driving example...
  6. E46 330 Dinan e46 325/330 CAI Tube

    Engine & Performance
    Up for sale is a Dinan CAI Tube, with filter and sock, it was on my 325i for a few years and decided to return to the stock air box. It comes with the collar/adapter from dinan so it can fit the 325 MAF The Filter is the Dinan filter there is a small dent at the top of the tube but never...
  7. Any E46 NEW driver & passenger airbags from BMW

    Brand New in Apr 2019 (not used or recalled parts)... E46 driver and passenger airbags, from BMW dealership: driver: 32 30 6 877 590 airbag w/steering wheel logo center. SOLD. passgr: 72 12 6 998 949 $100. For 01 330Ci w/sport interior, fits many other BMWs, pls check part number. Will...
  8. 16" spacesaver fit 325 Ci Sport?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi Just wondering will a 16" spacesaver wheel fit a 325 Ci Sport or will it foul the brakes. 16" wheels are much easier to find than 17" ones. I have a 17" wheel for my E60 that I could use to test but if 16" would do the job it would make life easier. TIA
  9. WTB 325 complete manual swap

    Parting Out
    I am looking to swap my 2004 325 Ci from auto to manual, I will need everything for the swap.
  10. E46 325Ci 2002

    Complete Cars - Private
    2002 BMW 3 Series 325Ci 2D CPE 6-2.5L Gasoline 5-spd Manual Transmission EFI ORANGE/BLACK VIN: WBABN334X2JW51561 Odometer: 235600 Exterior Color: ORANGE/BLACK (Vinyl wrapped) State: CA Condition: Good (rear bumper cover is off) (On-site pictures by request) TRANSMISSION INSTRUMENT PANEL...
  11. How I "hopefully" fixed my P1446 (DMTL) pump circuit high

    General E46 Forum
    I bought this car from the KC Copart auction in early March and had to do a bunch of work to the engine to fix the lean codes and misfires that are associated with them. This car had been neglected and had rotted vaccum lines and leaks everywhere!! Got those under control and then also...
  12. FS: 2001 325it WAGON SLICKTOP 5-speed M-tech

    Complete Cars - Private
    Hi all, I've put my car up for sale, it's a 325it, rare alpine white over tanin read leather, Msport package, Rear wheel drive, manual transmisison, sunroof delete, manual HVAC everything is covered in the Advert. I am the second owner, I've owned the car for almost two years now, it was ordered...
  13. E46 323 Authentic GruppeM Air Intake

    Engine & Performance
    I have a used authentic air intake for sale. Serial: 02-0106. The body is made of carbon kevlar and there are some damages to the rubber trim. All hardware is included (minus the bracket arm). I had no issues installing without the bracket arm. This will fit E46-320/323/325/328 (coupe/sedan). I...
  14. FS : $1,100 2005 e46 alcantara interior front and rear seats, door pannels

    For Sale: E46 330ci zhp alcantara interior Seats are in great condition for their age. The car has/had 136,000 miles in it. With exception to driver seat as it became worn from entering and exiting the vehicle, they are in great shape. Door panels are great and still have the black carbon trim...
  15. Any BMW FS: Set 4 BMW Style 45 16"x7 Genuine Wheels +Michelin A/S Tires 7/32 E46 E36

    Wheels and Tires
    SOLD Excellent Pre-Owned Condition: there are some minor cosmetic marks from use and storage Could only find two minor curb marks on them (very minor, see pics!) Few scuffs/scrapes here and there only Tires are in great even condition, measuring at 7/32" - Lots of life left! Genuine BMW Factory...
  16. So i have an 02 325i and an 04 330xi.....

    E46 Engine Swaps
    The 02 5 spd 325 needs valve seals and a clutch, the 04 6spd 330xi i bought to fix but after many tries at getting the driveshaft straight I've determined its got to be a problem in the rear end since it looks like they lowered it down on something when it was on a lift but the motor starts and...
  17. 325 Overheating issue

    General E46 Forum
    so i have a 2002 325 with about 163k miles. I had an overheating issue last summer, replaced the water pump, thermostat, and electric fan. haven't had a problem since. Last night, i was idling in the taco bell drivethru and my temperature gauge started going up and the car shut off. i opened the...
  18. Double shear selector rod for an xi

    E46 Xi Forum
    Well, today marks the day that I'm sick of the side to side movement in my shifter. About 4 months ago now I replaced all the linkage bushings and shifter in my 04 325xi and it had made a big difference. My problem is that my side to side slop never went away. I've had people claim to me that...
  19. E46 325 Selling 2003 325xi Wagon

    Complete Cars - Private
    Selling my 2003 325xi Wagon, Orient Blue Metallic, approximately 116,500 miles. Car is located in Minneapolis, MN. Asking $6,500, OBO. Pictures in craigslist ad below: -Heated front seats -Rear cargo cover -Xenon HID projector...
  20. Bars Leak Engine Repair on high(er) mileage e46?

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys. As the title says, does anyone have any experience with using this particular product? Its the 2 chamber bottle- One chamber with sort of your average viscosity, and the other with some thick, thick stuff. (Not the coolant stuff, radiator, head gasket, etc. Just the 'Engine Repair)...