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323i 2000

  1. what is the difference between a 2000 323i and 2001 330i

    General E46 Forum
    hey i just got a car and i have two people telling me they're two different cars what is the difference between a 2000 323i and a 2001 330i because i can't tell which one mine isšŸ˜°
  2. Engine light going out by itself

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, Case is i have had a engine light for a few months now on my 2000 E46 323i, The code is: P0173 "Fuel Trim, Bank 2 - Malfunction" I've been trying to figure it out, and think that I've narrowed it down to a vacuum leak. (Did a smoke test, and smoke came out, however I've yet to...
  3. 2000 BMW 323i e46 manual, gold with tan interior, BBS style 5 wheels MD

    Complete Cars - Private
    - 2000 BMW 323i - VIN: WBAAM3346YKC73081 - Mileage: Approx 189xxx, increasing slowly - Location: Silver Spring, MS - Willing to ship? No - $2300 OBO I'm selling my 2000 BMW 323i 5 speed manual with 189xxx miles (increasing slightly daily). I have used this car for my daily commute of approx 70...
  4. Radio Dashes

    General E46 Forum
    I have a 2000 BMW 323i and my Business CD radio won't work. A few weeks ago my radio decided to just stop working. It will light up but it displays the dashes --|-- I've tried looking everywere in order to fix it but have come up short. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. E46 323 2000 323i partout Silver

    Parting Out
    Parting out a 2000 323i located upstate NY.. well maintained all working parts except transmission witch is the reason for parting out purchased a 330xi... set of new bilstein shocks and struts recently warranty replaced also h&r sports springs..interior is immaculate.. All parts will be...

    Complete Cars - Private
    Clean title. Rust free E46 with full available service history. Serviced at European car specialists regularly. 2.5 L 6 cylinder engine is healthy, no smoke. With manual transmission. New spark plugs, ignition coils. Camshaft sensor changed, full cooling system overhauled due to leak...
  7. best suspension route for a DD 2000 323i

    Suspension & Braking
    Hey guys today my question is what route would be the most logical to take for a DD 2000 323i with the stock non sport suspension that is about to go, my car has 135000km / 84000m,and 15 years on it aswell, the shocks/struts/springs are all oem and are actually holding up very well. Due to the...
  8. 2000 BMW 323i not shifting into 5th properly

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, Alright so today I was driving my manual 323i and after driving it for a couple hours in 76 degree weather, I let it sit for 30 minutes while I stopped home. After returning to my car and starting it up, I realized that the backlight sensors came on. I thought that this behavior was...
  9. 323i code P0120 EML SCS DSC

    General E46 Forum
    hi guys! i was wondering if anyone could guide me in the right direction, for the past couple weeks my car has been in limp mode thanks to the help of this thread it would go back to normal but at this point in time as soon as i start up the...
  10. Clunking noise coming from engine! HELP!

    General E46 Forum
    Hi, it's my first time posting on this forum, but to get to my problem. Today when I parked my car I heard a clanking noise coming from the engine. Not sure what it is! Here's a video I just took of the engine. By the way, its a 2000 323i and its manual transmission.
  11. Door locking dilema

    General E46 Forum
    2000 323i, i put the key in and its feels loose, like it doesn't catch. The doors don't lock or unlock. Could it be a fuse?
  12. Thoughts on angel eyes?

    Lighting Forum
    Ive been shopping around for some new lights to upgrade from halogen to xenon HID. My friend has the same car as I with these same headlights and his look great. Any comments or recommendations? This is what I found...
  13. BMW window guides

    General E46 Forum
    Hey guys, So Ive finally decided to get my window guides replaced on the front windows of my 323i. They have pretty much destroyed them self and are starting to make my car look like garbage. so I decided why not replace them. I am not sure if this is something to do myself, have an indie shop...
  14. 2000 323i Leaking Fluids

    General E46 Forum
    Hi everyone, I stopped by my grandmas today and she mentioned that there were spots on her drive way under where she parked the car. The spots are not black, but are a darker colour. I opened the hood to see if I could spot any oil, and to my surprise there was a grocery bag all chewed up and...
  15. Audiovox Mediabridge 1500 - Peculiar Issue

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hello all - I just recently purchased a 2000 323i sedan without a navigation system and without the Harmon Kardon system and subsequently purchased the MediaBridge for it to play music off my 4s. The installation went off without a hitch after watching the BSW YouTube videos, however there is...
  16. OBD II Code p1524, car needs help

    General E46 Forum
    The other day I was driving home from work and my car decided to die on me, symptoms much like the fuel pump died or that I was misfiring and dropping cylinders. My car is a 2000 323i 6-speed :woot: This has happened once before so like before I let it sit for a minute or two and started it up...
  17. putting a 2003 business cd radio in a 2000 323i

    General E46 Forum
    Just like the title says. Is it possible? I know they would fit and the connector would fit but I'm not sure exactly what else I would need to get FM/AM to work? The main goal for this project would be to be able to hook an aux cord up to a radio that looks stock. please no DICE/integration...
  18. 2000 323i 5-speed to 6-speed swap

    General E46 Forum
    Hi everyone, the transmission in my 323i is almost shot, maybe has a few months left. I have been doing some research on swapping it for a 6-speed, don't ask why just accept that it's a possibility :D I am looking for a comprehensive parts list of what it will take to perform the swap. So far I...
  19. Im new to this but i got a question someone please help?

    General E46 Forum
    Ok im new to this forum but im getting a 2000 bmw 323i and im wanting to change the head unit in it so i can put subs in and so it will fit my ipod. But ive read that you cant change it and some red light starts flashing and you cant get reception in less you have some code? i was wondering if...
  20. Kicker L7 Armrest Setup

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hi guys thought id show my finished L7 setup. Its the 10" version of the L7, it fits almost perfectly, like it was designed for the car, there is a small gap above and below the sub, i used some of the origional foam that i cut to reseal it. eventually ill seal it properly. The subs running...