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  1. Newbie here!

    New Member Introductions
    Hello everyone. After four years behind the wheel of a cute fiat punto i decided to get my hands on a fully stock 323ci that i found in my town for a really good price (Cars are expensive here in Spain Yikes!) . I'm a student so I don't have much money for mods (but more than enough for well...
  2. Buying an e46 323ci

    General E46 Forum
    Hello I am new to this forum but recently I found an E46 323ci and I would like to buy it. BMW rad 3 Coupé 323 Ci (E46) Here is the link but since I am from Slovakia it is obviously in Slovak language. It has 200 000 miles. And anything that you need to know I can translate. It looks fine to me...
  3. e46 323ci cruise control?

    General E46 Forum
    so i just bought a bmw e46 323ci from 1999 imported from Belgium and it did not come with cruise control i have read a little about it and from what i can find you only need to replace the steering wheel with one from a car that had cruise control is it really true that the wiring is already...
  4. Any E46 NEW driver & passenger airbags from BMW

    Brand New in Apr 2019 (not used or recalled parts)... E46 driver and passenger airbags, from BMW dealership: driver: 32 30 6 877 590 airbag w/steering wheel logo center. SOLD. passgr: 72 12 6 998 949 $100. For 01 330Ci w/sport interior, fits many other BMWs, pls check part number. Will...
  5. White Smoke From Exhaust

    General E46 Forum
    Hi All, I'm new to E46 ownership, I picked up a 2000 323ci with 83k a few weeks ago. The car has good service history but hasn't been driven much at all since 2007 (about 2-3k miles a year) I've noticed that when the engine is warm there is white smoke coming from the exhaust, it's only very...
  6. 3 series speaker malfunction

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hey guys, so recently my speakers have been messing up in my 323. On the drivers door the sound usually won't play through it unless I turn up the volume really loud and even then it'll still cut out when I'm taking hard left turns. Also the sound will get static and scratchiness when driving...
  7. M54b30 manifold swap EML codes

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Hello Guys I've been using this site for years for all my problem solving etc. Its finally come to the point were I'm facing a new problem. I've just done the m54b30 manifold swap into my m52tu, all went well pretty straight forward. On start up for the first time I had a rough idle and vacuum...
  8. Alternator money-saver for 328 and 323 owners

    DIY: Do It Yourself
    Back story/ diagnosis - So a month ago my battery/charging system light went on in my 2000 328i. I just happened to have a spare voltage regulator from an old parts car, so I took the alternator and both voltage regulators to Autozone. Current alternator and voltage regulator - fail Current...
  9. E46 ACM Location

    General E46 Forum
    I recently bought my 2000 323Ci from a mickey mouse self titled mechanic and I have been fixing it back to its original glory since all he did was use electrical tape and super glue for everything. Today was the first time I drove it in the rain and the transmission started flunking on me. The...
  10. Winter in Sweden

    Video & Internet Clips
    First real snow in Sweden came at Christmas eve and what does not suit better then go out and do some snow drifting, Car Bmw 323ci Shoots taken with a sony rx100mk3 Video_a_
  11. Whoops - 180 curb hit

    General E46 Forum
    Bought my first BMW (323ci) last weekend, fantastic looking car! *I searched the forum for posts like this but couldn't find anything that had this amount of issues in one post, so I hope its all OK. I was driving it home after picking it up from and span it at low speed (20/25mph) coming...
  12. E46 323 Selling Steel Blue 2000 BMW 323ci

    Complete Cars - Private
    Steel Blue BMW 323ci coupe with 5 speed manual transmission. 143,000 miles on it and can get 30+mpg. Looks Clean and runs perfectly. Non-smoker, ice cold A/C. Car fax available. Features: Leather interior Power/Heated Seats Sunroof 5 speed manual 2.5l straight six engine Email me with any...
  13. For Sale: 2000 e46 323Ci in QLD

    Hi everyone I have for sale a 2000 model 323Ci on Ebay. It has LED taillights, halo headlights, black exterior trim, M3-style 19" wheels and a touch-screen head unit with GPS, DVD, CD, Bluetooth and more. Link...
  14. FSOT: 323/328 pre-facelift hood silver

    I bought a pre-facelift hood that was on a car getting parted out in hope of replacing my grandmother's banged up hood, but as soon as I put it on i realized it was for the 323s and 328s and not quite compatible with her 330ci. The hood has like new emblem and kidney gills. has a few scratches...
  15. FS: E46 Sedan Parts Leftover

    All prices are OBO Let go of my 323i a couple months back and been meaning to post these parts. Looking to get these parts gone by pick-up first (maybe a short drive depending). BTW I drive a Corolla now :banghead: Business CD53 Radio (Mode Button) $90 (Bought from another fanatic, never...
  16. 2000 BMW 323i Alternator Replacement Help

    General E46 Forum
    This will be my first DIY project! I need a bit of help. I did find a couple of guides but they weren't very helpful in removing the old alternator and installing a new one. If possible, can someone give me directions or point me in the direction of a guide with pics on the removal\installation...
  17. Sold

    Complete Cars - Private
    Alright guys the time has come to let go of my project. I've owned the car since August 2010 at approximately 190,000 miles. I have replaced and had many things repaired since owning it. It is just giving me too many headaches. Hopefully this vehicle will go to someone who has the time to put in...
  18. FS: **BRAND NEW** Sachs Clutch Kit -(323Ci 323i 325Ci 325i 525i Z3 Z4 E46 E39 E85)

    Engine & Performance
    New, never installed, Sachs Clutch Plate and Pressure Plate. Listed to fit the following e46 models: BMW 323ci (E46) 2000 BMW 323i (E46) 1999-2000 BMW 325ci (E46) 2001-2003 BMW 325i (E46) 2001-2003 BMW Z3 (1999-2002) BMW Z4 (2003-2005) BMW 525i (2001-2003) $299 + shipping here...
  19. E46 323/325/328/330 Borla Cat-Back Exhaust and Headers w/O2 Sim

    NY / NJ / CT
    I no longer have the car and have the Borla Cat-Back Exhaust system and headers available for sale. This is the full system from the cats back. This will fit 1999-2000 BMW 323i and 328i cars of the E46 chassis. This is in good condition and will be removed this Saturday and will be available...
  20. FL: Feeler 2000 323it Touring/Wagon

    Complete Cars - Private
    see new thread