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320cd wheels 19 inch

  1. bbs lm fitment on e46 coupe

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    im new to he site and i have a 320cd and im thinkin of buying a set of bbs lm reps they are 9.5j all around and need to know will they fit and what i might need to do to make them fit here is a link to the wheels
  2. Can an E46 320cd fit 19inch M3 wheels?

    Tire & Wheel Forum
    Can anyone help me? I'm looking to upgrade my 2006 E46 320cd to 19 inch wheels - I have seen a good offer on a set - front offset ET35 8inch wide and rear offset ET25, 9 inch wide - will they fit my car?? Does anyone know any other good deals on E46 wheels? Thanks guys!