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  1. Best supplier of E46 bushes UK

    New Member Introductions
    Hi, My 2001 318i is in need of having its bushes replaced and was wondering if anyone suggests a supplier in the UK? Ideally would like the bushes supplied as complete sets as I am going to replace them all (front, rear and subframe). I'm not fussed with either poly or rubber. Thanks
  2. Just bought E46 318i, lots of problems. Help!

    General E46 Forum
    So I just bought 99' 318i with 222k on the clock. The overall look of the car seems very good. Interior is a bit dirty and near tires I can see that there was rust which was fixed with some kind of rust paste repair kit. Now this is my second car and Im not a car guy at all so I just blindly...
  3. 2000 E46 318i

    2000 E46 318i

  4. [redacted]

  5. E46 as a first car?

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all, i am currently 15 years old and can get my learners in 8 months, i have always dreamed of owning a E46 before i was 16. Now before people tell me they are high maintenance i do understand but i also have a lot of experience with them as i have done multiple repairs on my parents 325i and...
  6. 330i CV axle on 318i?

    General E46 Forum
    Hello! So i recently snapped in half one of my CV axles on my bimmer drifting it. Before getting the swap it was a 318i and i kept all of the stock transmision components (except gearbox). I now want to put some 330i or 328i rear cv axles to prevent them from snapping again. My question is: are...
  7. Help with AUX IN setup

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    Hi, Could someone help me with identifying whether my Business CD unit supports AUX IN? Based on threads I've run into here it should be OK, but I couldn't get one cable I ordered online work. The unit has a MODE button, and at the back there are two free slots for 10-pin cables. Here are the...
  8. Help! Can't locate the coolant plug on the engine block.

    Hi Guys I'm a newbie on here and I really need some advice if possible. :hi: So my partner and I have been searching for hours for the coolant drain plug on the engine block on her BMW 318i SE 2004 model. We've been told its near the where the exhaust goes into the manifold...we have searched...
  9. E46 318i M43 - MAF issues

    General E46 Forum
    Hi all, I have E46 318i M43 (2000) with a faulty MAF sensor. I purchased a second hand one - BOSCH ending 262062, from a 320d car, only the sensor that I put inside my plastic housing. The issues of my MAF were low RPM at idle (~500), the cruise control did not work, slow acceleration compared...
  10. E46 318i fuel pressure problems

    General E46 Forum
    Hi, I've posted this on another site but just wanted a bit more advice if possible. I've got an 2000 318i M43 sedan with 120k km on the clock, and have been having starting/running problems for a while. The symptoms are: Hard starting from cold, takes 5 seconds while pumping the gas pedal to...
  11. Aftermarket Radio installation adapter

    African Continent / South Africa
    Hi guys I have a 2004 318i face lift (no satnav) I bought an Alpine CDE-185bt and I am looking for a wiring harness adapter to connect the Radio to the cars radio plug. (Something like the one in the link) Does anyone know where I can get this in South Africa? (preferably in Cape Town)...
  12. Fixable or respray?

    Car Care & Detailing
    Hi Guys, Is this something that could be fixed or would a respray be in order? Thanks_a_
  13. Clear

    Car Care & Detailing
    Howdy, I would like to restore the pain on my 2002 318i if possible, however the paint on the bonnet/hood is looking really poor. Is this clear coat failure or is it something that could be polished/buffed out with love and sweat? The car was purchased a little while ago, and lives outside...
  14. E46 318i won't crank after engine swap.

    General E46 Forum
    Hello everyone! So i did an engine swap on my E46 318i 2001 wagon with manual transmission (Replaced a M43TUB engine) The "new" engine was tested before purchase and I even got a 1 year warranty. It has 150k on it. Everything went fine with the swap, wiring is the same used on the old engine...
  15. Acceleration Hesistation @ low rpm

    General E46 Forum
    my car is having acceleration hesitation at low rpm when the accelerator is pressed down hard. On soft acceleration the car pulls away fine. I just recently detected a smell of fume (don't know what it is though) when im standing approx. 1m from the side of the car. I'm assuming that has...
  16. is a 2003 318i australian model an E46? blower fan dead

    General E46 Forum
    My Blower fan just stopped working all of a sudden. I have a 2003 318i australian model, is this an E46? All the dash lights are on for the climate control, the lines go up as I press the button to increase the fan pressure but no fan works at all. The a/c light comes on and I think I can...
  17. WTB: Wanted BMW 318i E46 GM Dual Sump Auto Gearbox

    I am after a gearbox for a BMW Year: 1998 Model: 318i Badge: E46 Transmission: Auto Gearbox model: A4S 310R GM Dual Sump Let me know if you got a working second hand one or if can get hold of one, Need it ASAP as my current one needs to be replaced or rebuilt, thinking replacing would be...
  18. '99 e46 sedan (318i) UK - FRONT SPEAKER Q's

    Mobile Electronics Forum
    I am going to purchase front components for my system very soon but I've had mixed responses from professional installers about the size of front components I can get into the front. One says 5 1/4", the other says 6.5". They both say that Alpine type-R components (SPR-50c) will fit but I've...
  19. Cog light near gear, Gear wont engage ..98 318i E46

    General E46 Forum
    I have this yellow cog icon near the gear displayed. I have tried researching this problem but no proper solution. I have made a video with the problem i am having because it seems that no one else is having the exact problem only similar. If someone could help me out it would be muchly...
  20. Question about the 318i E46? Help would be nice.

    General E46 Forum
    I might be purchasing a BMW 318i e46 shortly. The people selling it to me is a special company that takes different cars, reconditions them, checks them and replaces parts that are not up to their standards. They have a bmw 318i 2005 on sale which has only 19,000 km on the clock. Looks in great...