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  1. Forced Induction
    Hey y'all I got some questions, this my first ever car and im working to tuning it, I completely repaired all the problems the engine had and it is back to normal now all stock, I wan't to add a turbo kit on it or a supercharger kit, but I don't know where to find turbo kit or if it needs a...
  2. Australia
    E46 Lovers, I did a diagnostic check on e46 318i. It showed 2 confirmed error codes error 1: p0139 - heated oxygen sensor 2, bank 1, slow response error 2: p0030 - heated oxygen sensor 1, bank 1, heater control - circuit malfunction I am thinking of replacing oxygen sensors on bank 1, if after...
  3. Driveline, Performance, Tuning
    I'm getting a touring 320i automatic and I have found a 318i manual transmission with flywheel, clutch, pedals, transmission mounts, and driveshaft for sale. Will it fit on my 320? I don't mind if the ratios aren't identical, I just want to know if it will bolt in and drive the car. Thanks, Liam
  4. E46 General
    Hello. Does anyone know if the rear axle carrier from a 320d (OEM part 33316770830) bolts on a 318i. I know the diesel axle carrier has two extra vibration absorbers ( 33311092256) but i'm hoping that the mounting point distances to the chassis are the same. Has anyone done this? Thanks.
  5. E46 General
    Hi guys, new to the forum but I've been lurking and reading for a few weeks. I've just bought an 2003 e46 318i, and I'm having major issues getting it to start. When I got it, it was throwing a cam sensor code - I replaced both cam sensors, and the crank sensor - but still no start. I turns...
  6. Europe
    Hi guys, Question 1: I have BMW E46 M43 from year 2000. It is with the oldest steering wheel, not multifunctional. I read guides how to retrofit cruise control, but cannot find info if it will work with the old steering wheel, with the eventual CC button brought out separately somewhere on...
1-6 of 7 Results